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  • The processing and utilization of straw bale feed is becoming more and more important in animal husbandry
    1.Small size and large capacity. Generally,bulk grass and straw have a bulk density of 20-50 kilograms per cubic meter,and the bulk density of compressed into a block is 800-1000 kilograms per cubic meter,which is convenient for storage and transportation,and is not easy to burn.
    Under ventilated,moisture-proof and waterproof conditions,the shelf life is 2-3 years or longer.
    2.Good palatability The briquette feed has a unique and rich paste flavor,good palatability,high degree of maturation,and has a good food attractant effect.It can reduce metabolic diseases and benefit the health of livestock.

    3.Good nutritional content,high digestion and absorption rate.Generally, the crude protein of briquetting feed can reach more than 6%,which is equivalent to the nutritional level of medium forage.The feed intake rate can reach more than 99%,and the digestion and absorption rate can reach more than 60%.

    4.Less feeding loss.The loss of loose grass feeding is about 30%, the loss of bale feeding is about 15%,and the briquetting feed is less than 1%.This improves feed utilization and saves feeding costs.
    5.Convenient feeding.The briquette feed can be fed wet or dry,saving labor,labor,time,and mechanized feeding.
    6.Reduce the comprehensive utilization of polluted straw and return it to the field,realize a virtuous cycle of agriculture,reduce the use and pollution of chemical fertilizers,and improve the efficiency of the planting industry.
    Nick Machinery's continuous efforts to innovate and develop fully automatic straw hydraulic balers have produced suitable automatic straw hydraulic balers with different characteristics for major manufacturers,and continue to create more value for customers.
    For more information,please visit our website:
  • With the changes of the times,the recycling of iron filings and steel filings has also become a hot topic in modern society.Nick Machinery always pays attention to the social dynamics,grasps the development opportunities of the times,pays attention to innovation and internal improvement, and produces a series of iron filing machine equipment,which is widely used in the crushing and grinding operations of metal iron filings and steel filings recovery.
    The key technology of iron chip cake machine
    (1)Develop a special crumb cake machine to press cast iron crumbs with a bulk density of only 2g/cm3 into cakes to improve the melting efficiency,that is,to reduce the oxidation area and increase the magnetic permeability in the furnace.

    (2)Since the melting temperature of cast iron filings is about 100°C higher than that of ordinary bread iron,in order to ensure safe melting,the relative change of the electric furnace's intermediate frequency current and voltage is used to calculate and display the thickness of the furnace lining to prevent the furnace lining from being too thin to cause leakage.accident.

    (3)Optimize the design of power supply configuration and furnace body structure,improve power utilization,improve melting efficiency and quality,and supply molten iron in strict accordance with the requirements of the casting line.
    (4)In order to improve the oxidation resistance of cast iron scraps and scrap steel scraps,research the protection method and control method of electric furnace melting gas.
    Nick Machinery operates based on the development concept of integrity,quality and after-sales service,providing each customer with perfect after-sales service,solving any equipment problems for customers in a timely manner,and achieving greater work efficiency for customers to enter the market.

  • Clothing packing machine

    The comprehensive utilization of waste textiles,as a new economic growth method in the cotton textile industry,has received great attention in the industry.The comprehensive utilization of waste textiles is an effective way for the cotton textile industry to develop a circular economy and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.Combine the development of the industry with environmental protection to achieve a fundamental change in the growth mode of the industry,ease the contradiction between economic growth,resource shortage and environmental protection,and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

    The NK30LT textile baler produced by Nick Machinery is a small textile baler.It uses a hydraulic carrying case to provide work efficiency,convenient bagging and shaped baling,equipped with emergency stop button,separate installation,eye-catching location,and operation safer.If you want to know more about the textile packing machine equipment,you can directly contact customer service,and the customer service will give you a detailed introduction,86-29-86031588.
  • But when it is opened and used,it cannot be used for secondary use,so how to deal with these used cans?

    Nowadays,there are many types of equipment for processing this kind of used cans on the market,because different customers need to deal with them in different ways.Recently,a customer asked us"Can used cans be packaged?"We Nick The machinery can be very responsible to tell customers that it can be packaged,because our company is a manufacturer of can packaging equipment.

    The can baler can also be called a can briquetting machine.It is a very popular investment project on the market at present,because its multi-purpose machine can bring more benefits to users,break the limitations of the equipment,and make the can baler change It is more versatile,like the materials it can handle are metal scraps,cans,red bull cans,scrap iron,iron boxes,scrap aluminum,scrap steel,dismantled car shells,bicycles,iron filings,waste oil drums and other scrap metals.Packing more different materials for customers in the same time,bringing more profits to customers.
    Nick Machinery has always provided customers with high-quality machinery and equipment,free customized models,and long-term after-sales service are our service tenet.Creating a practical and affordable can packer equipment production line is our philosophy.Interested customers can call:86-29-86031588.
  • With the current rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards,not only have the number of automobiles and household appliances increased,but the frequency of updates has gradually accelerated,which has brought a lot of trouble to the later scrap metal recycling industry.In order to solve this problem,the scrap steel baler developed and produced by Nick Machinery solves the above problems in the waste recycling industry at one time, so that the waste recycling industry is no longer at a loss for the stacking, processing,transportation,and smelting of waste.
    Introduction of Scrap Baler:

    1.Main frame system:high-quality thickened steel plate with gas-shielded welding casts a solid frame,and the mechanical design makes the equipment durable.Conveyor system:high-quality I-beam frame,high-strength steel plate conveyor belt.

    2.Hydraulic system:Imported parts are adopted for key parts such as hydraulic pump,solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal,which make the packing pressure high,fast speed,durable and low noise.

    3.Electric control system:Siemens motor,original Mitsubishi PLC programming controller.Other key accessories such as buttons,sensors,infrared beams,and remote control systems are imported,which are easy to operate and


    4.Safety alarm system:The program controls five safe automatic locking and shutdown alarms.Automatic shutdown and alarm in case of equipment misoperation,lack of phase of power supply,super high pressure,or personnel entering the packing port by mistake
    If you are interested in this scrap baler,you can call for detailed consultation,86-29-86031588,our service staff will introduce you in detail and provide you with information about the equipment!
  • Can briquetting machine

    The appropriate size and weight of the pack make the storage and logistics process more rapid and convenient,and maximize the recycling efficiency.

    Cans are a common beverage container in our daily life,and it is also very convenient to use.In addition to being convenient to use,these beverage containers also have great uses in themselves,such as manual and recycling 
    processing.Of course Now it is a very wise choice to recycle and use these waste cans,because the state now strongly supports the recycling and processing of scrap metals,which not only makes full use of renewable 

    resources,but also protects our natural environment.Nowadays,the recycling and processing of used cans has become a project that many users want to invest in. 

    Recently,Nick Machinery often receives calls from customers and often asks:How much does it cost to invest in a 
    cans briquetting machine?Here,we will give you an introduction and hope to provide you with some help in investment.The can briquetting machine adopts a newly designed mechanical transmission system and an energy storage system,which effectively solves the problem of energy waste caused by the uneven energy utilization rate of ordinary gearboxes.It can save energy up to 30%,with more powerful power and durability.Higher,more energy saving and environmental protection.
    Nick Machinery has many years of production experience,the manufacturer is strong,and can tailor production plans for customers according to different user needs. Investors are welcome to visit and purchase here at any time. 
    For more information,please

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