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  • Scrap Can Baling Press,it is convenient for storage,transportation and recycling.
    Its product advantages include:
    1.This machine uses double cylinder balanced compression,special hydraulic system,more stable power.

    2.High load structure,automatic bag turning device,safe and reliable.

    3.The door is opened at a right angle and can be packed with"Tic Tac Toe".
    4.It is suitable for the compression and packing of hard plastics,sponges,fibers,cans and other items.
    The compression force of this model is 80T,and the packing size is 100*800*500.It can pack 3-6 packages in one hour,and the weight of each package is 150-250KG.We can also customize it according to customers’ own needs. Please contact:86-29-86031588.For more information,please
  • Not only does it ensure that the original raw materials remain unchanged,the water output rate is increased,and the recovery loss of the furnace does not exceed 10%.The molding also ensures that the original raw materials remain unchanged.
    The metal chip briquetting machine flow control valve uses the saving port area between the regulating spool and the valve body and the part of the resistance it generates to regulate the flow,thereby controlling the movement speed of the fulfillment element.The flow control valve is divided into 5 types according to its use.

    (1)Saving valve:After setting the saving port area,the movement speed of the fulfillment element that has little change in load pressure and low movement uniformity can be basically kept stable.

    (2)Speed control valve:When the load pressure changes,the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the saving valve is a fixed value.In this way,after the saving port area is adjusted,no matter how the load pressure changes,the speed control valve can maintain the same flow rate through the saving valve,so that the movement speed of the fulfilling element is stable.
    (3)Diverter valve:Regardless of the size of the load,the equal divert valve or the synchronous valve is the one that can make the two fulfillment elements of the same oil source get the same flow;the share divert valve that gets the flow divided by the share.
    (4)Collecting valve:The effect is opposite to that of the diverting valve,so that the flow into the collecting valve is distributed in proportion.
    (5)Diverting and collecting valve:It has both functions of dividing valve and collecting valve.
    Nick brand metal briquetting machine has good rigidity,toughness and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safety and energy saving,and low equipment basic engineering investment cost.You are welcome to come to our company website for detailed
  • Qualified charge.It is convenient for storage,transportation and recycling.
    How to choose a metal baler?
    1.First of all,we must determine the product that the hydraulic metal baler you will buy will be large.Some manufacturers have many types of products.When buying a hydraulic metal baler,they expect one device to pack all of their own types.In fact,special machines are often better than compatible machines for filling.
    2.High cost performance is the top principle.At present,the quality of domestically produced metal balers has been greatly improved than before,and it keeps pace with imported machines.According to customers' feedback,all kinds of equipment produced by Shaanxi Nick Machinery have strong advantages in China.

    3.Select as much as possible the metal baler manufacturer with a long history,and the quality is guaranteed.Choose models with sophisticated skills and stable quality to make packaging faster and more stable,with low energy consumption,low craftsmanship,and low scrap rate.

    4.If there is an on-site inspection,pay attention to the small details,which often determines the quality of the whole machine.Bring a sample test machine as much as possible.
    5.In terms of after-sales service,"in the circle"must have an outstanding reputation.
    Sixth,the metal baler trusted by peers can be given priority.
    Seven,as far as possible,choose simple operation protection,complete accessories,and fully automatic continuous feeding organization.
    Nick brand hydraulic baler is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It is your first choice to create professionalism with concentration,reputation with integrity,and sales with service.

  • It is mainly used to directly cold-press aluminum chips and other metal raw materials into cylindrical cakes of 3 to 70 kg under high pressure for easy storage.Transport and reduce the loss in the process of recycling and reuse.
    Name and function of each cylinder of aluminum chip briquetting machine:

    a.The main pressure oil cylinder is connected with the punch rod to squeeze the bulk metal material in the mold.It is the largest and most important in the oil cylinder group.

    b.The speed increasing oil cylinder,above the main pressure oil cylinder,is used to increase the extrusion speed of the main pressure oil cylinder,increase work efficiency,and increase the speed of the return stroke.
    c.The material pushing cylinder pushes the metal chips in the hopper into the mold.
    d.The block pumping cylinder is used to push out the cake blocks in the mold after falling.
    The aluminum crumb cake press produced by Nick Machinery has good rigidity,toughness,stability,safe and convenient operation,and is a good helper for your company's production.
  • Metal shears include parallel blade shears,oblique blade shears,disc shears,gantry shears,and alligator shears.

    The shear cylinder adopts spherical hinge connection,which improves the stability and life of the cylinder,adds a front plate guide,low noise,complete functions,high research and development and production efficiency,optimized structure design,stable and reliable;heavy-duty scrap steel adopts a welded solid open type The structure can maintain sufficient rigidity of the machine body,and at the same time,there is mainly a convenient operating space; the press-fitting stroke of this series of presses is usually controlled by a timer,pressure switch,position sensor,or the customer's own mold;It can be applied to blanking,bending,flanging,sheet stretching,fine blanking,cold extrusion of metal parts;adjustable pressing force,to achieve the pressure holding and delay requirements of each step in the pressing process;The degree of return of the press-fit spindle can be measured by a timer.

    Since the scrap metal shearing machine,people have begun to re-use or re-smelt scrap metal.It is one of the ideal equipment for the metal recycling industry and casting workshop charge processing.
    With the unremitting efforts of all our employees,Nick Machinery has developed rapidly.We adhere to the corporate spirit of "integrity,quality,innovation,and service" and the service concept of "integrity-based,customer first",and continue to create more value for customers."Be honest,do things down-to-earth"and win-win cooperation with customers.

  • After the wheat straw is packaged,it does not take up space for storage and is also convenient for transportation. The packaged straw has many uses:
    1.The first effective use of wheat straw is to return it directly to the field after being crushed by a harvester.In this way,it can improve the structure of the soil,increase nutrition,and benefit the next crop planting.

    2.Livestock breeding.After the wheat is recovered,the wheat stalks are left in the ground for no use,and some people even burn them directly,knowing that it is very harmful.Wheat stalks can also be recycled and used as feed for cattle and sheep to eat.This can reduce the purchase of a large amount of grains.Wheat stalks contain a lot of trace elements needed by livestock.After eating,cattle and sheep can supplement their needs while helping them to eat.digestion.

    3.After the wheat straw is collected,it can be sold to a manufacturer of plates or new materials.For example,the production of wood plastic materials requires wheat straw as part of the raw material.
    4.Used to make paper.Both wood and crop stalks can be used to make paper,but in the face of the increasing shortage of wood raw materials,wheat stalks are a good raw material and can be used by most manufacturers.
    5.Fermentation bed pig raising technology can also use wheat straw,which not only degrades pig excrement and converts it into bacterial protein for pigs to eat,but also provides nutrition for it.There is no odor,less mosquitoes and flies in the house,and the environment is fresh.,Solve the problem of difficult disposal of pig manure.
    Nick brand hydraulic baler is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It builds professionalism with concentration,reputation with integrity,and sales with service.

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