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  • They can process metal,iron sheet,cast iron,thin iron,thin iron sheet,light and thin materials,steel,color steel tile,scrap steel,scrap iron,aluminum alloy,Channel steel,angle steel,angle iron,copper plate,metal plate,aluminum profile,scrap steel bar,aluminum plate,iron plate,steel plate,round steel,scrap metal.Perform cold shearing of various shapes of steel,shears and various metal structures,and process them into qualified charge.

    Tiger head shear is a kind of cold shearing.It is convenient to cut and can be operated by one.It is safer than traditional gas cutting.It is an indispensable cutting equipment for small and medium recycling stations and has a wide range of uses.

    How many tons of tiger head shears can be cut a day?It is calculated based on the hardness of the material to be cut at the first level of the working blade shear force of the tiger head shear.If the working blade shear force is large,the production efficiency is hit,and the hardness of the raw material is small,and the production efficiency will also be improved.
    The NKQ series of tiger-head scissors produced by Nick Company has the advantages of small size,light weight,low inertia,low noise,smooth movement,convenient operation,flexibility,large cutting section,and convenient adjustment of the scissors mouth.It is safe to operate and use.
  • The advantages of using scrap iron briquetting machine to press metal shavings are:
    1.Can provide high quality materials:

    If the waste is directly pressed at the place where the waste is generated,corrosion can be effectively prevented,and the exposed surface of the material is greatly reduced.This avoids 

    2.Logistics and warehousing advantages:

    The briquettes can be stored and transported like solid waste.Because of their high bulk density,they can be easily stored and transported at low cost.

    3.Advantages related to smelting:
    In the foundry,briquettes are a valuable resource,and briquettes are easy to manage and add,reducing the smelting time and saving energy costs.
    4.Economic advantages of briquetting chips:

    The above factors make the pressed scrap metal more valuable than the original.The source of the metal chip

    briquette may be a processing company that does not have a foundry,and the chip can be sold at a better price 

    after processing.

    Nick Machinery's scrap iron briquetting machine can reuse waste materials.More importantly,it can promote the conversion of a series of economic chains,and at the same time respond to the country's current economic development policy:take the road of sustainable development.

  • The hydraulic shock of the metal briquetting machine will bring great losses to the machine.Next,I will introduce the reasons for the impact of the metal briquetting machine.
    In the hydraulic system of the metal briquetting press,due to the rapid turning of the liquid flowing in the pipeline and the sudden closing of the valve port,a pressure peak is formed inside the pipeline.This phenomenon is called "hydraulic shock".The emergence of hydraulic shock may cause greater damage to the hydraulic system of the metal chip briquetting machine,and the consequences are more serious in the high-pressure,high-speed and large-flow system.Therefore,try to avoid the formation of hydraulic shock during operation.

     Why does the metal briquetting machine produce hydraulic shock?

    The reason is that the valves in the hydraulic system of the metal briquetting press close too fast,or the moving parts are suddenly braked during high-speed movement,which will cause hydraulic shocks in the hydraulic system,such as sudden change of sentences in the pipeline.Shut off or the cylinder piston in the stroke:sudden stop or reverse operation,etc.,will cause hydraulic shock.
    Nick Baler has a professional R&D,design and after-sales team.If you encounter any difficult problems during use,you can always contact us
  • The metal briquetting machine is a kind of equipment that directly cold presses various metal scraps through high pressure. In order to facilitate the storage, transportation and recycling of metal scraps, the metal briquetting machine is very popular in various fields. Briefly describe the reasons for popularity.

    With the rapid development of society, my country’s industrial sector is also advancing rapidly, such as real estate and automobile industries are constantly developing, so the demand for metal raw materials in the market is also increasing, but the excessive exploitation and smelting of natural resources A series of problems such as energy consumption have also appeared, so recycling has become an important solution to the utilization of market resources.

    We all know that there will be a large number of metal cutting processes in the production process of the machinery industry, which will inevitably produce a lot of metal scraps, such as copper scraps, steel scraps and aluminum scraps. If these scraps are thrown away, it will not only cause resources Waste will also cause serious pollution to the environment, so it is more reasonable to recycle it.
    Metal briquetting machine is the way to perform resource recovery and recycling of the above metal scrap. The metal briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery has good rigidity, toughness and stability,and is currently a very popular product on the market.
  • With the rapid development of my country's economy,steel is also very good.

    Basically,all models of metal briquetting presses are driven by hydraulic or diesel,and the discharging form of the body is also diversified for us to choose.You can choose the form of turning package or push package.Of course It is also possible to choose to pick up the package manually,depending on your actual situation.The metal briquetting machine can be used for product recycling and processing to turn these product waste into treasure,which greatly helps the enterprise's products to function in life.

    Through the operation of the metal briquetting machine,our original waste products have been reduced a lot in volume,so that our transportation process has become more convenient and convenient for us to carry.Moreover,after the waste products are pressed into blocks,it is not only convenient to transport,but also the recovery rate is relatively high.During the entire production process,we did not pass any chemical action,so to a large extent the properties of the original materials were preserved intact.
    Nick Baler company metal briquetting machine adopts advanced transmission technology under the condition of rapid technological development,which is the ideal choice for the majority of enterprises.
  • That is,all organizations of metal balers must adhere to outstanding smoothness.So,what should be paid special attention to when performing smooth operation on parts?

    The box part of the metal baler is equipped with an oil gauge.Before the equipment is started,it is necessary to add lubricating oil once.In the working process of the baler,if you find that the bearing temperature rises or does not work well,you also need to add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil.Inside the hydraulic baler,it is necessary to store the organization for a long time,and the oil level is based on the principle that all the worm gear invades the oil.At the same time,the new oil must be replaced regularly.

    When refueling the metal baler,do not let the oil spill out of the cup,let alone flow around the machine and on the ground,to avoid pollution and affect the quality of related products.In short,the metal baler not only needs to be refueled,but also refuels,in order to make it more effective.
    Nick Machinery specializes in producing metal balers and scrap balers,which are easy to install and easy to operate.You are welcome to buy them.

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