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  • Various metal scraps,steel shavings,scrap steel,scrap iron,scrap copper,scrap aluminum,aluminum shavings,disassembled car shells,waste oil barrels and other metal raw materials can be squeezed into rectangular,cylindrical and other shapes of qualified charge.
    The differences are:
    1.All models are hydraulically driven,and manual or PLC automatic control operation can be selected;
    2.It adopts a rotating and closing cover structure,and the opening area of ?the material box is large,which is particularly convenient for feeding large,empty and thin materials;

    3.All moving parts are hydraulically driven and work smoothly;the packing pressure is large,the bundles are tight,and the packing efficiency is high.

    4.The manual reversing valve is simple,convenient,safe and reliable.
    5.There are different ways of discharging,such as turning the bag,pushing the bag (side push and forward push),or manually taking the bag (packing);
    6.No foot screws are required for installation,and diesel engines can be used as power in places without power;
    7.There are eight grades of extrusion force from 63 tons to 400 tons for users to choose,and the production efficiency ranges from 0.5 tons/shift to 50 tons/shift.
    8.The size of the compression chamber and the size of the bale can be customized according to customer requirements.
    Nick Machinery is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.If you need it,you can contact us at any time:86-29-86031588.
  • It is especially suitable for processing single,thin,light and large size materials.

    Metal cutting workshop,treatment of a large amount of cutting waste;treatment of metal waste yard for waste home appliances and waste daily necessities;treatment of dumping yards of waste vehicles,scrap trucks,buses,and household cars purchased in advance and entering the phase-out period.The number of scrap cars will increase year by year,and the number that needs to be processed is in the millions.To remelt the metal,it must be crushed,cut (with the help of a cutting machine), processed;and so on.

    If these waste products are not processed and compressed,they take up a lot of space,are fluffy,have a large volume,and are of small quality.They are not easy to transport,and it is not easy to remelt in the casting or melting workshop.Therefore,the metal briquetting machine is an essential equipment for metal scrap processing.The amount of this metal briquetting machine will have a significant growth trend.It is also urgent to standardize and serialize the design and production of such equipment.
    The NK series metal briquetting press produced by Nick Machinery does not require foot screws for installation.It can be equipped with a diesel engine as power where there is no power supply,and is suitable for different workplaces.
  • It is found that when the oil temperature of the hydraulic machinery rises,the customer can find out the reasons from the following aspects:
    1.Poor heat dissipation of the metal briquetting machine
    Too thick dirt deposited on the surface of the radiator will cause heat and poor ventilation,resulting in excessively high oil temperature in the hydraulic oil tank;low liquid level and insufficient circulating oil in the system will lead to high temperature in the system.
    2.Unwanted selection of hydraulic oil
    The improper selection of hydraulic oil brands,especially viscosity index oils,will directly threaten the normal operation of the hydraulic system.
    3.Improper pressure adjustment of the metal briquetting machine
    The adjustment of the system pressure relief valve is too high to perform normal overflow and pressure reduction,resulting in increased internal leakage and temperature rise.
    4.The hydraulic pump sucks in air
    Too much mixing with the air in the oil,forming "cavitation",and under high hydraulic shock,accompanied by strong vibration and noise,resulting in a rapid rise in temperature.
    5.Parts wear

    Severe wear and tear on hydraulic system components can cause the system to overheat.

    In the process of energy transfer,if the leakage is serious,the volume loss of the system will be increased,and the energy loss will be converted into the high temperature heat energy of the system.
    The above are several reasons for the temperature rise of the metal briquetting press summarized by Nick Machinery.If you have such problems in use,you should carefully check the reasons for the temperature rise and cool the hydraulic oil of the metal briquetting press in a targeted manner.Solve problems in time to avoid affecting production efficiency.
  • It can cut various shapes of steel,shears and various metal structures in cold state and process them into qualified charge.
    Tiger head scissors application areas:
    1.It adopts full hydraulic drive,small size,light weight,low inertia,low noise,stable action,operation and use,and easy to realize overload protection.

    2.The main structure adopts three-dimensional software stress analysis,with high strength coefficient and long service life.

    3.The whole machine adopts manual and automatic functions.The operation control is convenient and simple,and it can be cut and stopped at any position in the working process.
    4.According to the size of the material to be cut,the size of the cutting opening can be controlled arbitrarily. Compared with similar products,the output is larger and the work benefit is obtained.
    5.Where there is no power supply,diesel engines can be used as power to meet the different needs of customers.
    6.Working blade length:800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1500mm,1600mm,1800mm.
    7.There are 6 levels of shear force from 200t to 630t.Shearing machines with blades above 800mm are especially suitable for cutting scrapped cars.
    The Nick brand vertical hydraulic baler has good rigidity,toughness and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low investment in equipment basic engineering.Welcome to consult.

  • The products produced are of China's high-quality,assured brand,quality,service,reputation,and consumer trust products.It is one of the best hydraulic machinery production bases in China.
    The company has modern large-scale workshops and adopts modern enterprise management mode.The company’s main products are more than ten,including semi-automatic and fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baling presss,
    Metal baling press,crocodile shear,household garbage compressor,scrap crusher,vertical baling press,etc.Hydraulic machinery and equipment have a far leading market share in the domestic industry.
    The company's products have been sold worldwide.We briefly introduce the structure of the waste paper baling press:
    Waste paper baling press is a mechatronics product,mainly composed of mechanical system,control system,feeding system and power system.

    The whole packing process consists of auxiliary time such as pressing,returning,carrying,transferring,outgoing up, outgoing down,and receiving.

    As of 2013,waste paper baling presss on the market are mainly divided into horizontal and vertical types.The vertical waste paper baling press is relatively small,so the packaging size is relatively small and the efficiency is not high.
    Compared with the vertical baling press,the horizontal waste paper baling press is bulky,but its compression force is also larger than the vertical baling press,the size of the baling press is relatively large,the efficiency of the bale is high,and it is easy to operate automatically.
    Because the general waste paper baling press adopts horizontal form.The horizontal waste paper baling press is easy to realize automation,can improve the overall efficiency of baling,and save the labor cost of baling.
  • Automatic waste paper baling press equipment has gradually entered people's attention in recent years and has become the most important tool for major recycling station companies in the process of waste paper packaging.
    However, the same automatic waste paper baling press has also gone through many hardships before it matures step by step!

    Nick's automatic waste paper baling press has strong technical strength and functions among similar equipment. It can effectively realize highly automated and efficient packaging operations and maximize the efficiency of waste paper packaging! Therefore, the economic benefits of many recycling station enterprises can be effectively improved!

    The fully automatic waste paper baling press produced by our company has excellent capabilities. It can provide the most suitable assistance for waste recycling stations, effectively save labor and improve the efficiency of construction operations. Of course, this is only the most basic equipment for waste paper baling press In addition, our automatic waste paper baling press also has high safety performance, which can effectively ensure the safety of the operator
    All, for such machinery and equipment frequently used in many industries, safety performance is very important!
    We believe that only the perfect combination of the performance and quality of the fully automatic waste paper baling press can make the waste paper packaging equipment fully play its role in the market and promote the entire waste paper baling press industry towards a better development direction. go ahead.

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