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The Belt and Road to lead the construction of inland land reform and opening up a new highland
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/5/16

As the starting point of the ancient Silk Road city, Xi'an was the junction of East and West civilization hub and bridge. Across the millennium, today's Xi'an once again usher in new opportunities for "strategic all over the way". With the sunrise and sunset again and again, the city is accelerating the construction of three-dimensional Silk Road access and build multi-level cooperation and exchange platform, and strive to build "all the way" inland-based reform and opening up a new high ground, The node on the transmission of their own pulse of the times.
Inheritance of deep accumulation to stimulate the times kinetic energy
From the thick walls to the modern high-rise buildings, into Xi'an, as if into the history and modern blend of the Holy Land. The city has many stories known. She is the origin of the territory of China, the ancient Silk Road, the historical starting point, one of the source of civilization of the Chinese nation, the convergence of world civilization ... ... Today, the state has given her another loud name, that is, China " Inland reform and opening up a new high ground ".
"Wuling young gold city east, silver saddle white horse spring. Falling flowers stepped out where, laughing into the Hu Ji wine Stanford." Came to Datang West City, Li Bai's "juvenile line" engraved in the square, with People's thoughts through the millennium. Poetry in the "Golden City", is the city of Tang Chang'an City. From the happy poem is not difficult to imagine, as the world's largest international metropolis, Chang'an City already has a high degree of opening up, can be described as flourishing industry.
As China's implementation of the inland open window city, today's Xi'an, highlighting the integration of location, transportation, culture, resources, industrial technology and other comprehensive advantages. In 2015, Xi'an approved the national comprehensive innovation reform pilot area, Xi'an High-tech Zone approved the national independent innovation demonstration zone, all of which are in Xi'an, "one way" in the construction of new opportunities and new energy. But also to speed up the development of local industry.
In order to speed up the construction of "all the way" inland-based reform and opening up a new high ground, Xi'an established a "highland six center" target positioning, a comprehensive system to promote the "quality of Xi'an" construction. "A high ground" is the construction of inland reform and opening up a new high ground, "six centers" for the construction of financial business logistics center, advanced equipment manufacturing center, energy storage and transportation trading center, cultural tourism center, science and technology research and development center, high-end talent training center.
Now, with the Central and Western Hong Kong financial town, Eurasian Economic Complex, Xi'an Financial Business District, Silk Road International Convention and Exhibition Center and other projects, plate, Xi'an is actively building a "big financial, large business" industry, a new pattern of coordinated development; Weihe River on both sides of the Weibei industrial area, looking into the Qinling National Civil Aerospace base, is steadily for the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in Xi'an to provide new kinetic energy; international port area just put in the Midwest Commodity Trading Center, has been the region's energy Storage and transportation transaction participants feel the local efficient and convenient commodity trading environment ... ... all this, but the beginning of Xi'an force.


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