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how to use Straw balers
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/6/11

Straw balers are based on current market demand, the latest development of a small straw packaging machinery. It appears on the comprehensive utilization of straw, straw power generation, straw green farming transport and storage to make a certain contribution to the majority of users of all ages. Its small size, light weight, easy to move, flexible operation, high efficiency, the provincial labor and other characteristics, known throughout the country. Related husbandry silage corn stalks green bread in the world, is superior feed cattle, sheep and other livestock. The silage bale film is an emerging miniaturization and industrialization of the silage method, will be rubbing crushed corn stover bale envelope once completed, after sealed anaerobic fermentation, its natural nutrients have been preserved, and Yellow lower crude fiber content, protein content increases, total soluble sugar content increased, soft texture, palatability, improve digestion and utilization, can be stored for two years.
Straw baler features:
1, straw baler equipment using hydraulic transmission, and mechanical transmission-type cutting machine compared with a small size, light weight, small inertia, low noise, smooth operation, manipulation convenient, flexible, cut to intercept large surface, scissors, etc. adjusted to facilitate strengths manipulation safe, easy to implement overload protection.
2, straw balers device with manual and automatic functions, the steering control convenient, simple, scissors mouth in any position during operation of the starting cut and rest, according to the size of the material being cut, control the size of any cut mouth, to achieve maximum operating efficiency.
3, straw balers equipment design a rapid-type, without increasing the electric motor power and the pump displacement situation was under, in (about 63 tons) at a shear rate of holding fast conversion speed is automatically cut larger materials. Recovery original shear force, thereby enhancing the efficiency nearly doubled.
4, the use of foreign BSF cells piston ring seal, not only at a high oil temperature can be maintained constant shear force, and in the long run or the oil temperature high shear forces can maintain the same situation. These strengths progress The machine quality grade, extending the life of the machine.
5, hydraulic balers with a fast device. Without increasing the motor power and the pump displacement situation, the design of a fast circuit, so that the original shear rate 8 times per minute to 12 beats per minute (ie scissors, when the maximum number of open mouth ), progress efficiency nearly doubled. This function is the national counterparts in the original.

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