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Maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic baler
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/6/16
1. Hydraulic Baler to have someone to operate, the operator must fully understand the process.
2. After two weeks of use of the new machine, all electrical wiring is tightened once to prevent loosening (especially motor, contactor).
3. Oil pump room to be isolated dust treatment, to avoid filaments and other small debris into the tank or the hydraulic components.
4. The oil level of the tank should be within the range indicated by the oil standard. It is advisable to thoroughly filter or replace the hydraulic oil every year. When the filter filter is blocked (flow chart flashing words), should immediately filter the hydraulic oil and replace the filter.
5. During processing, the mechanical parts of large, such as beams, base, column, main cylinder, preload system, send cotton device, hydraulic pipe flange connection, fasteners, to be checked once a week. Other small pieces of the connection, fasteners, etc. every day to be checked and found that the problem of downtime, to be resolved after the boot.
6. The box gear motor is changed or grease every year. It is recommended to use special grease-2 #, molybdenum disulfide-2 # or 2L-2 lithium-based grease. The injection volume is 1/3 ~ 1/2 of the volume of the cavity. The maintenance of other motors must be carried out in strict accordance with the motor maintenance standards.
7. When the room temperature is below 0 C in winter, if the shutdown is stopped, the water in the cooler must be drained to avoid freezing the cooler.
8. Da Baoji long-term disabled, must be turned on once a month, so as not to rust the hydraulic components.
9. Electrical box, console and wiring in the electrical components must be regularly cleaned up dust.
10. Touch the screen Do not open the rear panel of the touch screen; Do not use the corrosive liquid to touch the surface of the touch screen; install the removal and clean the touch screen before, please turn off the power; touch screen on the rear of the ventilation holes please check regularly, keep smooth.
11.PLC only need to clear the surface of the dust.
12. The plug-in communication cable must be removed before the power is removed.
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