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Waste paper hydraulic baler equipment unique
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/6/27
Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. Waste paper hydraulic baler unique performance, for the waste paper hydraulic baler equipment, the first came out and was widely used to promote the use of vertical balers. In the early days of waste paper, cotton, fiber, wool and other packaging process has played a more important role. In view of the current production and production levels, vertical balers become the mainstream market equipment. Later, with the increase in the demand for packaging in all walks of life, the need for greater amount of packaging requirements. So the horizontal waste paper baler was driven by the market to move forward, so to the horizontal waste paper baler a broad development opportunities.
Horizontal waste paper baler equipment to meet the needs of a variety of performance. First, the horizontal baler is larger. People's living standards, a variety of business enterprises increased. People on the paper, carton consumption increased. Every day in the social life will produce a lot of waste cartons. The early vertical waste paper baler has been unable to meet the demand. Second, the horizontal waste paper baler economy. With the increase in wages of workers, vertical balers demand higher labor costs. And the benefits it creates are not economically viable. The horizontal investment cost of the horizontal waste paper baler determines its range of use, which consumes as much labor but creates a higher value.
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