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What is semi-automatic straw hydraulic baler?
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/7/4

Straw hydraulic balers a wide range of some customers can not tell what is the semi-automatic straw hydraulic baler?
    Semi-automatic straw hydraulic baler equipment by the host and conveyor two parts. The main components are oil pump, PLC, push plate, cylinder, etc. The main purpose of the work is to provide adequate pressure on the straw to be compressed; the conveyor is controlled by the motor, mainly coordinating the host transport straw. The two together with each other to complete the straw packing task.
Straw hydraulic baler host push plate pressure adjustable, but according to the characteristics of straw itself, there will be a relatively appropriate pressure. 140 tons or 160 tons of pressure. Of course, if there are special needs, the pressure can be set. By the two pumps to support its pressure and push the plate to move the speed of work. One of the pumps used to meet the pressure and speed of the two aspects of the work, but the push plate moving slower. In order to increase the speed of movement and increase the production efficiency, it is necessary to use another motor to support the push plate to move back and forth.
Conveyors are designed to provide compressible raw materials for the host in a timely manner, since manual feeding is almost impossible. The host of high efficiency, lack of raw materials, then the machine will reduce the efficiency. Straw baler conveyor and host coordination work, and mutual influence.
When the host silo is filled, the conveyor will automatically stop feeding, waiting for the host to compress the package. When the host completes a compression packing process, the conveyor will automatically supply the straw. The use of the gap between the two uninterrupted work to improve the overall efficiency of the device.


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