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Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/7/6
1, waste paper baler hydraulic system without pressure or pressure is low (1) pump motor steering is wrong. (2) relief valve spool stuck. (3) unloading solenoid valve spool stuck without action. (4) too little hydraulic oil, oil pump can not smoke. (5) pressure gauge damage. Overlooking the motor fan should be clockwise rotation, such as rotation, the power cord should be commutated. View, repair valve. View, repair valve. According to the use of rules to fill the hydraulic oil.
2, waste paper balers do not send with (1) three four-way solenoid valve does not change. (2) The door switch is not reset. A, clogged clogged pole, not flexible. B, door switch torsion spring tired deformation or broken. C, the impact of fatigue rods broken. (3) three four-way solenoid valve core stuck, not for. (4) plastic tape in the reel or other place to check the belt roller can not move the tape. (5) the front of the tape fleeing into the activities of the cutter (the guide plate is not synchronized, and the knife bumps affect its return speed, or even stuck knife). (6) activities under the knife with a chip or foreign matter and not in place, blocking the fixed cutter mouth, so that the belt blocked. View the circuit, fix it. Check the door switch. To remove dust. Replace the balustrade. Replace the trailing pole. View, repair valve. View the reel, wear from scratch.
3, waste paper packer conveyor belt is not in place (plastic tape is not sent to the pressure plate and the impact of the door switch) (1) storage box with a large or too much storage of plastic tape (reserves of multiple deformation of the tape, Less belt with blocked). (2) with the surrounding chaos, with a large resistance (3) plastic belt width is too large. (4) plastic tape with anti (bending direction should be toward the side of the track), with a large resistance. (5) the delay time is short. Adjust the pre-belt organization from time to time. See Section 5 for details. Finishing the tape. Will be local wide width of the tape cut, or close the mouth slightly adjustable width. Press "take the schematic" to wear from scratch. Adjust the RP1 potentiometer. Sporadic goods through the packer after packaging, become neat and neat, to facilitate the transfer of personnel and storage convenience, together to ensure the number of sporadic goods, hydraulic balers in the logistics, cosmetic and other professional use is like a fish in the water The same, and brought benefits for his career.
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