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Automatic Straw Hydraulic Baler has changed the quality of life in rural areas
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/7/11
Automatic Straw Hydraulic Baler is mainly used to suppress some of the waste crop straw into granules, for heating, breeding, etc., automatic straw hydraulic baler to change the quality of life in rural areas can also be used to profit The The emergence of straw hydraulic balers to improve the traditional living habits of rural areas in China. Improve the quality of life at the same time to achieve income-generating, rural areas in China's economic development of the necessary equipment.
Straw hydraulic balers before the emergence of rural areas, most of the crop stalks are dumped as a house in front of the house, so neither health, and there is a big security risk. Or is directly burned, causing environmental pollution at the same time, there is a big security risk. Some high-speed continuous traffic accidents are caused by the burning of straw in the surrounding area. The straw hydraulic balers after the emergence of these waste materials into a new type of biomass fuel equipment, not only to improve the health environment, but also to the vast number of farmers friends bring considerable economic income.
At the same time, with the construction of new socialist countryside, the awareness of green is also gradually enhanced. Coal and natural gas and other fuel combustion on the environment pollution is great, endangering people's health. Biomass fuel with burning pollution, calorific value, low cost, easy storage, green and other significant advantages, by the people's favorite. The processing of biomass fuels is inseparable from the straw baler.
Automatic straw baler has changed the way of life in rural areas, improve the quality of life in China's economic development occupy an increasingly important position
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