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Analysis of Common Faults of Straw Hydraulic Baler
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/8/1
In the use of straw hydraulic balers in the parts of the wear and tear, bad lubrication, will cause damage to parts, may expand the failure and accidents, so quickly found the straw hydraulic baler failure, troubleshooting is very important. Not because of a little trouble and help the factory, thus winning valuable time and money.
Here are a few easy to complain about the place and maintenance methods.
Failure: cut steel strip
Cause: Cutter wears or fails
Maintenance method: Check the cutter or cutter rack wear or failure, such as severe wear should be replaced
Pressure drop
Maintenance method: check the work pressure is normal, blocking the force from the closure of the cylinder See the fault phenomenon, check the closure of the operation. The same time as
Failure: the lock clamp to withstand the pull is not enough
Cause: The clamping block joint hole or coupling pin wears
Maintenance method: Check the parts in the depth of the depth of the tank, if necessary, the replacement of this product waste paper baler has a good rigidity and chaos, handsome and beautiful, easy operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, equipment, infrastructure, low investment The
Straw hydraulic baler It is widely used in various types of waste paper mills, old recycling companies and other enterprises, combined with the old waste paper, plastic straw and other packaging recycling, is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, reduce transport Degree of good equipment. The above is caused by the straw hydraulic baler failure analysis, thank you for reading.
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