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Common Faults and Maintenance of Hydraulic Baler NKW120Q
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/8/15

NKW120Q Hydraulic Baler Troubleshooting:

The system can not start
1, power supply phase
2, check whether the three-phase power supply and remove the power indicator light is not necessarily not phase
3, turn the emergency stop to make it pop
4, emergency stop button does not spin to pop up

The system can start, the main motor can start
1, wearing machine is not back in place
2, according to wear silk back button to check the threading machine is jammed and clean up the phenomenon
3, the return stroke switch is damaged, replace the return stroke switch
3, the main motor thermal protection action, replace or adjust the thermal protection system can start,

NKW120Q Hydraulic Baler  The main motor can start, the indenter does not move, 6 seconds after the stop phase sequence error three-phase electric two-phase wiring exchange position to observe the main motor tail leaves, the correct direction for the clockwise system can start, the main motor can start , The pressure head to go forward for 6 seconds after the stop pressure head back limit limit switch damage or foreign body stuck or damp water change the trip switch or remove the foreign body tail has the size of two stroke switch, large limit trip switch Press the compression button, the pressure head pushed to the top, do not return, the motor non-stop, return when the siren to a second frequency alarm arm too tight, the friction coefficient over the big head back to stop, press the arm button Hold the arm to open some, and then the normal operation of the indenter to see whether the knife-edge, knife-edge cardboard will appear the same phenomenon, clean the knife-edge button, push the head to the top, non-stop, the motor non-stop, tens of seconds Automatic return, return when the siren to a second frequency alarm.www.nkbaler.com

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