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How to choose the waste paper hydraulic baler model (Nk series)
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/8/16

Through different waste paper hydraulic baler models, we can often learn from their

different information, so that there is a knowledge of the baler, then how to choose waste

paper hydraulic baler model?
    Waste paper hydraulic baler as an indispensable part of the packaging equipment, due to

the large variety of models and different, and these models of information, can be

reflected from their own waste paper hydraulic baler main categories and the main technical

parameters The Generally speaking, the ordinary type of waste paper hydraulic balers mainly

by the main model and auxiliary models to form two parts, through these two signals,

generally can reflect most of the product information, for example, waste paper hydraulic

baler series, Waste paper hydraulic baler equipment varieties, waste paper hydraulic baler

equipment specifications and many other information.
1, through the main model, you can understand the main classification of waste paper

hydraulic baler, its structural characteristics, and manufacturers of the project code.
   For any classification of waste paper hydraulic baler, the classification of its

equipment can be determined by its own nature, its structure code and other project code,

according to the product specifications, from our manufacturers to determine the line, all

a lot Time, the same baler equipment, for different manufacturers, the name is different.
2, the second auxiliary model, mainly can prompt us, the device's main parameters, derived

order and design order information.
    Under normal circumstances, the main parameters are used to represent the number,

generally take its limit value; if you need to mark two or more parameters at the same

time, then you need to use slash to separate. The most common main parameters used in

packing scales are the filling capacity, size, and production capacity. Derivation order,

then the words are generally used to distinguish the Roman word, and the design sequence

will use the English alphabet to display. Generally for the first time the product is not a

sequential code. Want to know more packer knowledge, please feel free to pay attention to

this site. The above is the waste paper hydraulic baler model analysis, hope to help you

get, if any of the hydraulic balers and straw hydraulic balers, please feel free to consult

us and look forward to working with friends together.www.nkbaler.com

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