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Fully automatic waste paper hydraulic baler noise great shock how is it going
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/8/21

Automatic waste paper hydraulic balers in the actual production of how much will produce a

certain amount of noise, waste paper hydraulic baler noise is inevitable, but the normal

baler in the production process of sound and vibration should be in the controllable range,

For the production of noise anomalies and vibration must be timely inspection, eliminate

hidden dangers. Automatic balers produce abnormal noise and vibration have a lot of factors

to decide, but the main has the following aspects, we have to focus on inspection.
     When the oil in the presence of gas in the presence of serious noise, on the one hand

may be too high oil absorption, suction pipeline is too small, too much resistance, the

pump speed is too high, fuel tank is not breathable, oil supply is not enough oil Sticky or

oil filter plug and other reasons, so that the oil can not fill the oil pump suction space,

so that the air dissolved in the oil separated, resulting in cavitation phenomenon; waste

wrapper on the other hand may be poor suction pipe , The oil level is too low, the oil

filter part of the exposed, so that inhalation at the same time inhalation of large amounts

of air. Identify the reasons for these possible causes and take appropriate measures to

eliminate them.
    There is no problem by checking the appeal, the noise and vibration may be due to poor

quality of the pump or motor. Pump and motor flow pulsation, trapped oil phenomenon is not

a good elimination, leaves or piston stuck, will cause noise and vibration. Disassemble the

cleaning and check the quality of the manufacturing (mainly the trapped oil unloading tank

size and the relative movement of parts with the situation), for the undesirable parts,

waste paper baler, to be repaired or replaced.
     Caused by vibration may also be due to some reasons: the motor output shaft and the

pump input shaft coaxial error or coupling loose, causing the pump vibration; tube slender,

elbow and more fixed, the tube flow rate is high, (If a pipe has a significant vibration,

the root cause of the failure may be pipe selection or installation is not correct); waste

paper baler relief valve or other valve resonance or valve damping is too small, and

produce a large vibration, Caused by the oil pressure fluctuations; reversing valve action

is too fast, resulting in commutation when the impact and vibration; follow-up system

vibration is mainly due to improper parameter selection (especially the opening of the

follower valve), waste paper baler The pipe elastic deformation is too large or the gap in

the feedback connection.
      As the slide valve collision valve body or spool collision valve seat produced by the

impact of sound, often produce waste paper hydraulic baler noise important reason. If this

happens, pay attention to the appropriate buffer measures. The system contains a lot of

air, can also cause noise, waste paper baler so the system began to work when the exhaust.

Any small hidden dangers if not dealt with in a timely manner may have serious

consequences, we found that the problem should be resolved in time, so that not only

improve our workers operating environment, but also improve the service life of the

equipment, give us create more value.www.nkbaler.com

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