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NKB240 Straw baler the advantages of performance in what areas
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/8/24
Now we all know that the current straw hydraulic baler is used to bundle grass. And now the straw baler about the general can be divided into corn straw baler, wheat straw baler and so on.
    Compared with the history of the use of hydraulic baler, the organization is simple, reliable performance, easy to operate, maintenance, with good usability maintenance costs low. Year can save the use of more than 20 million yuan. There is no hydraulic baler necessary hydraulic drill, hydraulic valves, accumulators and other components, there is no stability for the hydraulic system set up the cooling device. Energy-saving effect is obvious, compared with the history of the use of most of the baler, compared with similar products in the energy consumption, the average hourly savings of 5KW, the annual savings of 40,000 yuan electricity. And no hydraulic run oil, take, leakage phenomenon, is conducive to environmental protection. Easy to install, just do roller, you can immediately use, no debugging. Vertical waist, waist buckle on, the steel bundle on the steel bundle on the roller, the steel bundle on the roller when the move does not scratch the roll groove sideways. Simple operation, remote operation, no need to increase the manual, can be synchronized in the control room, no training. Power is small, pure machinery, no pollution, in line with environmental protection and low carbon national industrial policy.
   Rational use of resources, after the bundles of wheat straw can be a good use, such as processing livestock and poultry feed, manufacturing fiber sheet, the production of biogas and paper and other purposes; led the development of related industries, related industries to provide a large number of raw materials, which can Save resources, optimize the allocation of resources, to achieve a civilized production of agriculture.
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