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Structure and working principle of hydraulic baler
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/8/25

Hydraulic baler is mainly used in steel mills, recycling processing industry and nonferrous metals, ferrous metal smelting industry. Hydraulic balers can be a variety of metal scrap (steel shavings, scrap, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, waste stainless steel and scrap car waste, etc.) into a rectangular box, octagonal body, cylindrical and other shapes of qualified charge, you can reduce Transportation and smelting costs, but also improve the speed of casting furnace.
Hydraulic balers can not only improve efficiency, but also save labor, greatly reduce the cost of the enterprise.

The hydraulic baler comprises a bracket, the bracket has a bottom plate and a front and rear side baffle, the jack is provided with a jack, the jack has a piston rod, the right end of the piston rod is connected with a vertical pusher plate, the right side of the pusher plate is connected with a pusher The upper part of the bracket has a baffle upper baffle, the upper side of the baffle on the left side of the baffle with the feed inlet; the front and rear side The bracket on the right side of the baffle is fixedly connected with the front and rear side rails, the gap between the adjacent side rails is the wearer's mouth; the right end of the bracket has the discharge mouth, The front side of the side of the baffle, pusher plate and the bottom of the cavity into the cavity for the feed chamber, front and rear side of the block, the pressure of the material The upper baffle, the door plate and the bottom plate enclose the cavity as the extruder chamber; the door plate and the right end of the bracket are fixedly connected with the locking device. And according to the need to adjust the size of a package within a certain range.

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