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Straw hydraulic baler in use should pay attention to what?
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/9/6
Straw hydraulic baler is a relatively versatile relatively strong baler, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Straw hydraulic baler packaged out of the uniform size, the proportion of density, so in the transport and smelting can effectively reduce costs More in line with the requirements of container transport. And in use we have to pay attention to those aspects?
1. Straw hydraulic baler jack should be flat, and in the upper and lower ends of the pad to the tough wood, but can not use the stained wood and iron plate for the liner to prevent the tens of thousands of top force when the slip.
2. After the jack is safe, the weight of the weight will be slightly raised, and after checking the small hydraulic balers, there is no abnormal change in the hydraulic pressure. In the process of the top of the super-heavy material should always pay attention to the jack upright, not skewed, to prevent dumping, not any longer handle or operation too long.
3. Raise the height of the lifting height does not exceed the rated height. When you need to raise the weight of the jack above the rated height, you must pad the material under the weight, remove the jack, the base pad height, and then repeat the rise. Long rise and heavy weight, should be in the weight below with the pillow with the pillow, down when the method should be gradually pumping outside to keep the distance between the piles and heavy objects generally not more than the thickness of a sleepers to prevent accidents.
4. At the same time use two or more small waste paper baler hydraulic jack, should pay attention to the balance of each jack load, and shall not exceed the rated load. To unify the command, with the same fall, so that heavy objects are stable, not the risk of tilting.
5. Straw hydraulic baler hydraulic jack before use, should be carefully checked, tested and vortexed. Hydraulic jacks should be cut off according to the provisions of the period of inspection, tears and oil change. Waste paper baler is widely used in cotton gauze, hemp, wool, paper, sponge, plastic, waste paper, scrap aluminum, scrap metal, stainless steel horns and other loose packing.
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