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Straw hydraulic baler in the choice of hydraulic oil when the main points
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/9/23
Straw hydraulic baler is now widely used in the scope of the industry is also a large number of course, at the same time also do not ignore the choice of hydraulic balers hydraulic oil, with the increase in market demand, more businesses also choose To join the industry, low-quality products is increased, then the choice should pay more attention, it is very important.
Hydraulic oil its choice is good or bad is related to the use of straw hydraulic balers performance and service life, we have made a few suggestions for the choice of hydraulic oil, hope that our friends can adopt. First, depending on the temperature of the working environment of the straw hydraulic baler, what type of hydraulic oil is used, and when the temperature is high, a higher viscosity hydraulic oil is used, which in turn uses a lower viscosity hydraulic oil. Followed by the hydraulic system for the level of pressure to choose, when the pressure is high, the use of high viscosity hydraulic oil to prevent leakage problems, in turn, the use of lower viscosity hydraulic oil. Moreover, according to the hydraulic system of the working parts to choose the speed of movement, when the speed is high in order to reduce the loss, the use of lower viscosity hydraulic oil, in turn, the use of high viscosity hydraulic oil. Finally, there is a small hydraulic system in the straw hydraulic baler is small, different hydraulic pump on the lubrication requirements are different, select the hydraulic oil should consider the type of hydraulic pump and its working environment.
Our users in the choice of hydraulic oil must be based on their own situation, combined with practical, many considerations to choose, so as not to bring the burden of the machine, resulting in losses, increase its use costs.
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