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Waste paper hydraulic baler packing belt selection should pay attention to what aspects
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/8
With the development of waste paper hydraulic baler economy, people's quality of life has been improved, for the packaging requirements of goods is getting higher and higher, then the quality of waste paper packer packing belt does not only affect the quality of packaging products, but also related to the packaging work Whether the normal operation. What should you pay attention to the selection of the packing bag for the hydraulic balers?
    The rise of the hydraulic crusher of the waste paper has led to a sharp rise in the market of the packaged belt. So what is the essential packaging for the packer? What should we pay attention to the selection of the packing belt? First of all, the first point to consider the cost factor, reduce the use of the cost is the most concerned about the user, not the purchase price is cheap to use the cost is low, the market inexpensive packaging with a large number of recycled materials, recycled materials made of packaged with the use of rice The number of pure weight with the same material from the packaging made with a difference of 3-6 times, not only the number of small and unstable quality. The second point is based on the baler to choose the packing belt, semi-automatic baler low degree of automation, the quality of the packing belt is not very strict; and automatic balers unmanned operation, the quality of the package with a higher demand, To the packing belt specifications are not standardized, it is easy to lead to the packer can not smooth delivery, affecting the smooth package.
     For the waste paper packer is a relatively large number of accessories, in the choice and use must be careful, more reference to some of the data, in the daily use of more experience, we will always share with you the relevant knowledge , Hope you continue to focus on us.www.nkbaler.com
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