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Straw hydraulic baler efficiency is limited
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/8

Straw hydraulic baler for the emergence of our lives has brought convenience, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the straw hydraulic baler, which is our users are very pleased things, but in the course of the use of the problem will be reduced efficiency, then it is What causes our straw hydraulic baler efficiency is limited?
    There is a problem that the efficiency of the straw balancers is limited. First, the first point may be a problem with the hydraulic pump problem of the metal baler, for example, if the oil supply is less than the flow rate (oil leakage). If the hydraulic baler in the relief valve damage (plunger wear serious), will also seriously affect the pump output, thus slowing the speed of the oil. Second, the second point may be a metal baler occurred in a serious internal and external oil drain phenomenon, in this case once the rapid work, it will lead to oil pressure is too low, but will cause more serious consequences.
    We users in the use of the process should pay special attention to different situations to make a different approach, we will also strictly our production process, to provide our straw hydraulic balers efficiency, so that our users with the rest assured.

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