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Hydraulic baler wear belt is not correct how to do?
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/9
 We use the hydraulic baler friends will ask such a question, hydraulic baler wear bad how to do it? We next on this issue, make a unified answer, hoping to help to you.
    First, the automatic hydraulic baler wear is not correct, then need to open the semi-automatic automatic baler front right door (panel surface for the mechanical front), in accordance with the instructions on the "wear process" or the right door sad wear belt Schematic, correct wear. There is a point that is inside and outside the extension of foreign matter. Automatic packaging machine long-term use, and failed to timely cleaning and maintenance, resulting in the machine within the plot of stolen goods (packaged with too wide to stay, there is a roll of packaging with a number of joints on the tape), so that delivery is not smooth , Should be more for cleaning and maintenance. Another possibility is that the electromagnet is not working properly and the electromagnet does not work. First check the solenoid connection welding head is off, and then check the coil is burned. If the two are no exception, should check whether the displacement of the electromagnet, or stolen goods blocked, so that the bullet can not move freely. Supplement (magnetron and circuit version also check the connection).
    The above is the hydraulic baler to wear with an incorrect solution, such a problem if the use of the process can know where the problem lies, can be resolved, if you use the process there are any problems, we also Will be free to answer for you, know your satisfaction so far, your support and trust is the biggest driver of our progress. We will welcome you to visit and serve you wholeheartedly.WWW.NKBALER.COM
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