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How to distinguish between good and bad waste paper baler
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/13
In view of the technical level of the technical level of the waste paper baler, it is not easy for non-professionals to distinguish whether the technology of hydraulic paper baler is advanced. Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional waste paper hydraulic baler manufacturers, business development so far for years, whether it is the level of hydraulic technology packer, baler technology level in the industry are second to none. In the case of
    Today introduced the way the waste paper hydraulic baler needs customers how to identify the technical level of the packer. In the case of
    1, for the same type of waste paper baler, hydraulic baler manufacturers have a variety of configuration models, that is, whether there is high-end products, which reflects the side of the waste paper baler technology level. In the case of
    2, from the waste paper baler supporting conveyor belt design is reasonable waste paper baler technical level, such as the width of the conveyor belt, some irregular or non-professional baler manufacturers will speak on the feeder platform width design is relatively narrow, very short, Very easy to facilitate the transmission of materials, resulting in low feeding efficiency. In the case of
    3, to see whether the manufacturers have waste paper baler invention patents, invention patent certificates are issued by the State Patent Office approved, very valuable reference. In the case of
    4, waste paper baler operation process, you can focus on observation of the whole machine noise, long-term use of fuel tanks for oil spills, the focus can visit the waste paper baler manufacturers customer site. In the case of
    5, whether there is in the experimental waste paper baler, and re-design of new waste paper baler. This can show that the technological development of enterprises is not stagnant, is always doing a technological breakthrough.
   Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Waste paper hydraulic baler level leading industry, advanced equipment, reasonable design space occupied, in line with environmental philosophy, is your ideal choice, look forward to working with you to work together to contribute to environmental protection.www.nkbaler.com
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