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Waste paper baler pressure is simple to introduce
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/15
 For the pressure of the paper baler, do not know a friend understand it, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. today to discuss this issue, the pressure on the paper baler is what? In fact, he can be divided into three kinds of pressure, specifically to listen to me to say it
    First of all, we first talk about these three kinds of pressure is what? One is the table pressure, one is absolute pressure, there is a relative pressure, this time someone will ask, what is the difference between them? First, the pressure of the balers is based on the local atmospheric pressure (the starting point). The pressure shown on the pressure gauge on the scrap metal metal baler is called the table pressure. The relative pressure of the second waste paper hydraulic baler is the pressure at the standard atmospheric pressure (zero point). If the absolute pressure at a point in the liquid is less than the atmospheric pressure, it is said to have a vacuum and the absolute pressure ratio Atmospheric pressure is a small part of the pressure value of the vacuum, the vacuum is the pressure gauge on the baler atmospheric pressure an absolute pressure gauge pressure, absolute pressure and vacuum relationship between the hydraulic system pressure is determined by the external load F. There is the absolute pressure of the hydraulic baler, he is the packer on the pressure table to the absolute vacuum as the base (zero "starting from the pressure, the absolute pressure of the basin is the starting point of the pressure is no pressure zero point.
     The above explanation for many of the friends may be more difficult to accept it, you only need to remember the pressure of the waste paper baler is divided into three specific applicable where you can, and we will also strive to update product performance to meet you more Many needs. www.nkbaler.com
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