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Offer waste paper baling machine with waste paper price in china marketing
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/20
Corrugated paper in the first half of 2016 price of 2200 yuan / ton -2600 yuan / ton, at this stage in 5800 yuan / ton -6200 yuan / ton. Crazy packaging paper caused a butterfly effect, driven by wrapping paper, and finally, life paper, printing paper, newsprint have opened up! Where does the paper price go? Now become the focus of attention of all national attention!
The recent raw material paper prices soared, only in August, most of the country's paper mills on the 3 to 4 times the price increase, some varieties even more than doubled a year. Thin paper, maybe we usually do not care, can live in the paper is everywhere, indispensable, this round of paper prices undoubtedly to the public's life quietly brought no small impact.
1, a waste paper box into a meat and potatoes
Who lives in the four villages of Miss Jia recently traces of life some unusual, usually her main task is to cook at home with children, life radius of one kilometer or less. Now, Ms. Jia often go out wandering, sometimes pushing the trolley running quite far, she put some of the waste paper box, thick paper all collected together, save it. "Two days ago I just sold a carton, and now has risen to a dollar a pound, and around the walk, good luck, two days to collect the waste paper box will be able to sell more than ten dollars." Ms. Jia said The
Similar to Ms. Jia will waste paper box waste newspaper as a "target" there are a lot of property, cleaning services staff. Yesterday, a Rongsheng clear water Bay area picking up the carton cleaning workers told reporters that the price of waste paper boxes are changing every week, this time has been price increases. "In mid - September I went to sell waste paper box, the price is 8 cents a pound, during the National Day to sell 1.2 yuan a pound, and now at least can sell a dollar a pound.
Yesterday morning, the reporter came to Wei Road, a waste collection station, the boss Hu Ping pointed to the waste paper box told reporters: "last year about two cents a pound, and now the purchase price of 1 pound." Hu Ping introduced waste The acquisition is now the main acquisition of waste paper boxes, newspapers and other waste. "Now the price of the waste paper box is really up, of course, this is the new point, the better the paper box, the waste newspaper is the same, the newer, the clean newspaper, 8 cents a pound.
Reporters visited the China Paper Network, the site published large data show: October 9 - October 11, the country's 63 paper mill latest waste paper offer information, 52 mills raised the purchase price, or 30 yuan -200 yuan / ton, only six down. It is noteworthy that the current number of paper mills A-class paper, noodles paper, cattle, a paper, pure yellow paper, single-sided leather and other waste paper recycling price has exceeded 3,000 yuan / ton, one Grade paper has broken 3400 yuan per ton mark. Waste paper prices, resulting in just a few months, a waste paper box actually became a meat and potatoes.
2, tissue will be 20%
Upstream price changes will naturally be transmitted to the downstream daily life. Since April, due to the pressure of rising pulp pressure, the national market price of various types of paper products "rising sound." Recently, the reporter in the city of some supermarkets found that the previous promotional area of ??the "regular" pumping paper, roll paper and other goods out of this area. Although at present, the overall price level of paper supplies has not been significantly adjusted, but the retail terminal responsible person said that the price adjustment will not be too far.
"We have received a price list for all toilet paper brand suppliers, taking into account the large price adjustment may make consumers really difficult to accept, so we will be based on inventory and market conditions, timely adjustment of prices." Yesterday morning, Department of the person in charge, because the raw material pulp prices from 10,000 yuan / ton rose to 12,000 yuan / ton, all suppliers have raised the purchase price, so the recent toilet paper, paper, rolls and other health supplies prices will appear 20% Around the float. "Before the butterfly pumping paper we often promote, mention 9 9, and now even our purchase price has reached more than 11, so had to withdraw them from the promotional area.
Some supermarket executives said that the increase in pulp costs, not only affect the price of health supplies, paper prices will affect almost all of the commodity prices, because most of the goods are packaging cartons or wrapping paper, the cost increases, the reaction to retail Terminal, that is, commodity prices.
3, a box of paper up 10 dollars
Not only the price of living paper is rising, printing paper has become expensive. Yu District, a public office staff Ms. Wang told reporters from the beginning of this year's May and May, they found the price of printing paper is rising. April, 70 grams of paper, a box of 8 pack price is 120 yuan, and now the price has reached 130 yuan, after several price adjustment, has risen 10 yuan.
"We use the amount of paper is not too large, but three months A4 printing paper cost is 1,500 yuan, A3 paper consumption is 1,200 yuan, in order to save office expenses, and now can only choose a slightly lower grade of printing paper. "Ms. Wang said that if you maintain the previous standard printing paper, office funds, only the paper this one will spend more than a thousand dollars each year.
4, express box began to charge
Two days ago, the public Ms. Zhang sent to the children in Shenzhen sent something. "Are the children usually love to eat things, there is not easy to buy, I sent to the past. Did not expect the price rose so much, the carton also received another 4 dollars." Ms. Zhang said, Carton is not money, but the payment was significantly increased.
Reporters then interviewed SF Express Bengbu branch of the relevant person in charge, the person in charge, because the cost of rising, some courier companies have been price increases, although SF current payment standards for the time being not raised, but the past does not charge the cost of the carton , Is now included in the charges, which has a lot to do with paper prices.
5, newsprint prices soared 41%
Also affected by the rise in paper prices are government agencies. Last year, the price of a ton of newsprint is more than 3900 yuan, and now rose to more than 6000 yuan, up 41% year on year increase. "I City, a general manager of the Government Printing Company, said Mr. Lu told reporters that the price of paper, Increase in the purchase price of paper, is to bring the cost increase, as well as the increase in customer quotations.
For example, the previous offer to customers is 2 hair, and now will be 2 hair 8, followed by the problem is "customers do not agree, do not understand, business will decline." Face paper prices, Mr. Lu complain, Dilemma, because compared with the same period last year, printing costs increased by 2.8 million yuan / year. If not face the price is facing constant losses, if the price increases, may lead to loss of customers.
Article link: China Packaging and Printing Industry Network
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