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waste paper Baler with Large hydraulic baler hydraulic system into the air how to do?
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/22
What should we do if the hydraulic system of the straw hydraulic baler enters the air and affects the normal operation of the equipment? Large hydraulic baler manufacturers to introduce you
First, to prevent air into the system and in time will be mixed into the system of air discharge. Air into the hydraulic system, can cause noise, unstable movement crawling, and oil oxidation deterioration and other adverse effects, must take measures to prevent air into the system, and often talk about the system into the air discharge. In the case of
Second, we should always keep the oil clean. Oil mixed with impurities, will cause the slide valve stuck, plug the throttle hole or gap leaving the hydraulic components can not work properly, and the relative movement of parts wear and tear, shorten the life of hydraulic components. In addition to the installation of oil filters and a variety of external impurities mixed with the system of the device, but also regularly clean the oil filter and replace the hydraulic oil. Waste paper baler in the hydraulic system assembly, to clean the various hydraulic components and pipe cleaning should try to avoid the use of cotton yarn. When the test, the best components and piping out, carefully cleaned and then installed, before put into production use. Practical experience shows that keeping the oil clean, for improving the life of hydraulic components and to ensure the smooth movement of the system, there are great benefits.
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