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How to debug a straw hydraulic baler
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/26

Straw hydraulic baler has been widely used, before we use the straw hydraulic baler first commissioning, so as to ensure the normal operation of the product, to avoid damage to parts.
    We must strictly follow the standard operation, the first operation of the machine before the inspection, the first point is to check the screws and other fasteners without loosening. The second point to the reducer filling liquid lubricants to observe whether the oil flow. Check whether the motor and electrical equipment are dry and the insulation is good. Fourth, check whether the external power supply can drive the operation of the machine, meaning that it is greater than the operation of the machine. After the completion of the commissioning, the machine advanced air operation after the final commissioning is completed, the two proximity switch sensor to the probe shown, the main motor starts, the machine began to send belt, when the two proximity switch sensor to the back of the probe, The main motor stalled, retreated with the motor to start, the machine began to retract, when the two proximity switch sensor to the stop probe is the main motor stop, indicating the normal operation of the machine, which is completed debugging.
    We must use the mechanical products before the daily use of straw hydraulic baler debugging work, so that the normal operation of the production, we will continue to develop new equipment for our users to provide more intimate service. www.nkbaler.com as more information ,please contact with blew information:

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