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The main performance characteristics of the hydraulic baler and installation precautions
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/10/26
Hydraulic balers of the main performance characteristics and installation precautions, hydraulic balers for large recycling plants and recycling companies waste paper, waste plastics and other loose packing, such as: cardboard, box paper, plastic film. Hydraulic baler performance:
1, high-performance, low-noise hydraulic circuit system, all by the import of hydraulic components, so that the whole performance is stable, no vibration. Greatly extended the oil seal and other accessories life.
2, the unique dispersion of scissors designed to enhance the paper cutting efficiency, save energy and extend the mechanical life.
3. The unique loose paper mechanism to increase the processing capacity and scope of the machine, can be more special paper for easy compression package. Such as: newspapers, books.
4, automatic wire binding device fast, simple structure, low failure rate and easy to clean and maintenance.
5, the length of the package can be set free to record the exact value of the package. Conveyor belt with high capacity, large amount of transport, and with anti-slipping function.
6, easy to install, no special site based fortifications.
Installation Precautions
1, waste paper baler part of the packaging crates, some parts bundled transport, the user must carefully check the goods after packing the inventory, so as not to lose during transport.
2, must be based on the base map for basic construction, leveling with leveling.
3, the machine must be cleaned before the installation of clean parts, parts, such as the surface of the phenomenon of corrosion, the application of kerosene to rust wash.
4, the basic solidification after the lifting of the host.
5, the installation of hydraulic control system, joints should pay attention to the pad "O" -type seals, so as not to spill oil.
6, the installation of the main pump valve, all the pipes must be clean, the pump station put flat. Clean the inside of the tank to remove the dirt inside the transport process, the tubing tied to prevent vibration caused by oil spills.
7, according to electrical schematics, install all the lines, so that electrical appliances ensure the safe operation of balers.
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