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How does the waste paper baler avoid oil temperature during operation?
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/11/2
The use of equipment in the daily life of the temperature will rise, like we often play laptops, long time the use of laptop computers will be very high temperature, but you can use a series of measures such as radiator to heat. And the waste paper baler is the same, the temperature will bring a certain degree of harm, then for the waste paper baler should be how to solve? The following automatic waste paper baler for everyone to analyze:
    Hydraulic equipment in the continuous operation will produce high temperature, the temperature of the baler is generally controlled within 80 , 60-80 most appropriate, the maximum does not exceed 100 . But the temperature is too high easily lead to mechanical parts deformation, affecting the system transmission accuracy, resulting in deterioration of the quality of parts. Waste paper baler rubber seal deformation, will accelerate the aging failure, reduce the sealing performance and service life, resulting in leakage affect the use of results. So pay attention to the use of equipment, long-term high temperature production will reduce the service life of the equipment. If necessary, need to stop to prevent the temperature rise: reduce the working pressure to reduce energy consumption, the choice of low viscosity hydraulic oil. WWW.NKBALER.COM
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