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Waste paper hydraulic baler pressure is not normal What are the solutions
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/11/25

According to our current national environmental awareness gradually increased, we use more and more waste paper hydraulic packer, but in the waste paper hydraulic packer work, sometimes encountered waste paper hydraulic packer pressure is not normal, usually appear This situation is mainly due to blockage of the oil filter, the system viscosity of the oil is too low, the motor power shortage and other reasons,followed by Germany to explain to you under the waste paper baler pressure is not normal What are the solutions.
First, the pressure of waste paper hydraulic baler abnormalities are mainly due to:
1, the filter plug, the flow channel is too small, the viscosity of the oil is too high, so that the oil is not drawn.
2, the system viscosity is too low, serious leakage. Excessive air intake into the oil, as well as serious pollution.
3, motor power shortage, speed is too low.Wrong pipe connection. Pressure gauge damaged.
Second, to solve the hydraulic pressure baler waste pressure is not normal countermeasures:
1, waste paper baler installation, commissioning of hydraulic pump, be sure to carefully read the instructions for use, strict implementation of the installation and commissioning process requirements. Confirm pump suction, drain port, pump must be filled with hydraulic oil before starting the pump. The hydraulic pump inlet and outlet seal should be good, shall not leak or enter the air. Such as the presence or absence of air to confirm, can be coated with butter seal to see if the pump noise is significantly reduced to determine whether there is air pump operation.
2, waste paper hydraulic baler Assembly of hydraulic pump, to be carried out cleaning, assembly process, such as vane pump blades can not be installed anti, exercise should be flexible, after the blade oiled, by weight can automatically fall into the rotor slot is appropriate . Pump parts processing, storage and transportation should be strictly implemented drawings and various process requirements, rigorous testing before assembly system, unqualified parts, can not be installed on the pump up. Pump parts damaged, can not be repaired to replace the new parts. In particular, seals, defective must be replaced with new pieces.
    Above is the solution to waste paper hydraulic baler pressure is not normal, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. waste paper hydraulic baler high quality, reliable equipment trustworthy, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. waste paper hydraulic baler professional manufacturer welcomes all sectors of the community Come to examine the inquiry, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. Chi-made, trustworthy. www.nkbaler.com

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