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We turn our straw baler into an environmentally friendly machine with superior performance
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/12/6

Straw hydraulic baler good market reputation is inseparable from the tireless pursuit of straw hydraulic baler performance and technological progress of the enterprise development, our Shaanxi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Nick Machinery has developed so far, straw hydraulic baler technology continued to make breakthroughs, now has a country 3 invention patents, 3 utility model patents and 12 other patents. All of them have patent certificates that have been approved by the state and the patent technology is protected by the state.
    Environmental protection and energy saving hydraulic straw baler is one of the future direction of development, then the following will detail the advantages of environmental performance under the straw hydraulic baler:
1, Rapid patented patented technology, that is, to maintain the motor pump displacement under certain circumstances, to enhance the upper limit of the cylinder pressure to speed up the cylinder speed, reduce energy consumption while improving job productivity and improve the overall performance of the packer And usage costs.
2, high and low voltage system technology, to ensure the packing pressure and packaging quality under the same circumstances, can achieve 50% power saving, greatly saving the packing station customers electricity costs, the aircraft has been put into the market experiment, the effect has been verified.
     Environmental protection has become the focus of today's social development. In the future, we will also enhance the performance of straw hydraulic packer to a greater extent in the process of designing and manufacturing straw hydraulic packer, vigorously push forward the new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving straw baler equipment, Straw hydraulic baler low-energy efficient. 


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