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Describe the requirements of the working environment of waste paper hydraulic balers
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2017/12/24

The advantages of waste paper hydraulic baler more, then the paper baler hydraulic baler working environment what are the requirements.
     The first is to install the overall environment of waste paper hydraulic baler. Must not choose the sun can be direct to the place, there is too much dust, so very easy to cause the machine pollution, the operator is not conducive to cleaning, for a long time in such an environment, the damage to the equipment is very large, but also There is not too wet. We know that too damp environment, easily lead to short circuit, equipment, wire failure rate will increase.
    Secondly, when we are operating the machine, we want to make sure that the power connection of our machine is correct and the wire is grounded. During operation, we ensure that our machine is in normal operation.
   Finally, after the long-term use of the machine, its heating plate will be very hot, so please do not touch the machine directly with the heating plate, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to people. During the work of the equipment, the head can not be traversed through the belt's runway. This behavior is quite dangerous. We must remember safety first. Heater that is what we call the hot head, which is one of the major wearing parts packaging equipment, after a long period of use, will certainly cause the wear and tear of the machine, so we should pay attention to replacement.
    There is that we finished the package, the packing tape retreat to the reel above, the packing tape of this machine is not delivered directly from the packing tape to the movement position, but from the waste paper hydraulic packer storage tank In the transport to the movement, the storage tape in the storage box is "Z" shaped storage, so do not take a long time there will be bending conditions, so the next day there will be re-used when the tape is not in place or cassette Case.. www.nkbaler.com

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