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How to distinguish the type of waste paper hydraulic baler
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/1/3

 Some understanding of waste paper hydraulic baler friends know many types of waste paper hydraulic balers, can be divided into different varieties, such as from the visual appearance of the above can also be through the operation method to distinguish between the following details To understanding.
    Foremost, distinguishing from an intuitive aspect can be divided into two types of vertical waste paper hydraulic packer and horizontal waste paper hydraulic packer,
    The so-called vertical is the first impression that customers see the equipment, the former use of vertical structure method, the cylinder fixed to the top of the machine, in production from top to bottom operation, the latter is the choice of horizontal structure, the cylinder is in production Will be put on the campaign, this variety of balers has practicality, large capacity, relatively high power advantages.
    Second, the distinction between the operation method can be divided into two kinds of manual and automatic, the former mainly through the push-pull operation handle cylinder to complete the operation, so that the material inside the package to tighten, while the latter is to use plc control program, just press The corresponding button can be completed automatically bundled waste paper processing, contrast for large-scale production.
    Each type of waste paper baler has a specific scope of application, so when customers purchase equipment must be prepared in advance, so that it can very well serve the production and processing.

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