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Waste paper hydraulic baler designed to improve work efficiency
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/2/8

The design of waste paper hydraulic baler is scientific and reasonable, easy to operate and work. The design of waste paper hydraulic baler is simple and compact. It occupies less space and requires less working environment. It can greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the locking device, and the structure is durable and durable. Locking device damage caused by the activity of the door is difficult to open or the possibility of pop-up activities.

The waste paper hydraulic baler comprises a rack, a movable door and a locking device, a movable lower door of the rack is hinged, a locking device is arranged on the movable door and corresponding positions on the rack, the locking device comprises a basic locking and a reinforced locking double layer The locking structure comprises a locking rod hinged on the front right end of the movable door and an L-shaped baffle fixed on the side of the rack relative to the locking bolt.

The reinforcing baffle of the tightening part of the hydraulic paper packer is hinged on the front of the movable door in parallel with the locking rod and on the outer side of the movable paper billet. A fixed shaft is fixed on the relative position on the side of the frame, and the front end of the fixed shaft is provided with a rotating handle , Saving maintenance costs, Shaanxi Nick mechanical waste paper hydraulic baler design reasonable and effective to enhance work efficiency. If you have any questions about straw hydraulic Baler and waste paper hydraulic baler, please feel free to contact us, Tel: 0086 15021631102

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