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Auto-Hydraulic Press Waste Paper Baler Machine with Conveyor function
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/2/26

Nick brand waste paper baler is very useful, you can do waste paper, waste paper carton packaging, straw, straw bales, plastic bottles, cans and so on can be a one-time packaging molding, that is, convenient transportation, but also saves space , We become a lot of waste recycling companies and other essential equipment, but we found that some of the customer equipment with Paul Conveyor, and some are not equipped with, then do not need to be equipped with conveyor it.

Waste paper baler First distribution conveyor benefits is self-evident, can improve consumer efficiency, increase the use of labor, reduce labor intensity and so on the advantages of ordinary advice to customers supporting conveyor. However, customers also have special conditions, for example, subject to site constraints, venue lease is uncertain, funding, the current amount is not particularly large, but also constraints supporting the elements of the conveyor, but does not match the premise of the conveyor must be followed Equipment packaging speed, so that it can make the equipment is not empty running, the formation of waste. Of course, a small waste paper baler is usually not supporting the conveyor, because of the general consumption of this equipment is not large, artificial feeding just like the consumption; we have to comprehensively consider the various elements of the current, the final resolution can be configured delivery machine.

Shaanxi Nick's waste paper baler model is complete, but also can be based on the special needs of the customer site, the baler equipment can be structural changes, including the improvement of the conveyor, tailored to your models.

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