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Why hydraulic oil will be hot in summer for waste paper baler machine?
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/3/1

Due to the high temperature in summer, a lot of waste paper baler equipment for a long time packing task, will cause a part of the heat, waste paper baler hydraulic oil is also true,

Users should strictly follow the steps provided by the manufacturer of waste paper baler operation and maintenance, reduce equipment losses, to achieve more economic value.

Here, Shaanxi Nick Machinery Co., Ltd. hydraulic balers to waste paper balers as an example, to introduce the reasons for the heat of hydraulic oil where the details are as follows.

1. Pump fuel supply can be accurate, the choice of hydraulic components is reasonable, may not appear uneven specifications may overflow overflow valve and fever.

2. Hydraulic components of the friction can be within the rules, the purity of hydraulic oil, hydraulic valve can show over pressure and other conditions.

3. The tank volume is too small, the cooling area is not enough, no installation of oil cooling installation, or although the cooling installation but its capacity is too small.

4. With the gap is too small, or use of wear caused by the gap is too large, inside and outside the amount of leakage, the formation of large volume loss, such as the volume of the pump to reduce efficiency, fast heat.

5. Hydraulic system can show tight seal and other conditions, not free to adjust, should ensure that the degree of tightness, in accordance with the norms of operation.

6. The viscosity of hydraulic oil can be too large, quality, specifications in accordance with the requirements, refused to buy poor quality hydraulic oil.

The above points, the user can refer to, want to know more about the user of the paper baler material, you can log on to our website, there will be a pleasing answer.As more information ,please visit www.nkbaler.com ,or send mail to sales@nkbaler.com .whatspp:+8615021631102 

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