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Nick Baler Straw hydraulic baler are technology leader
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/4/24

Shaanxi Nick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. straw hydraulic baler company is a large-scale high-tech enterprises. Straw hydraulic baler advanced technology, the company's products are widely used in various industries of soft fiber material straw baler and iron scrap iron packing, such as cotton fiber, linen, wool, clothing, cloth, towels, waste plastic, wheat straw , Straw, paper edge, waste paper box, cotton, sawdust, medicinal materials, etc. Production equipment, the strength of the company.

    With strong technical force and years of production experience, the company constantly adopts new technologies, new processes and new materials. Its technical indicators have reached the leading level in the industry in China. Since its establishment many years ago, the company has always been people-oriented, innovative, and constantly pursuing. To provide the community with new products that consumers need.

    At present, China's straw hydraulic baler industry is more and more. With an annual growth rate of 30 percent, competition among peers is also fierce. Among them, full-automatic, semi-automatic waste paper balers are particularly prominent, and the straw hydraulic baler industry has become a crucial emerging factor in China's national economy. industry.

   Now the domestic NKB240 straw baler process equipment has been able to fully meet the needs of various product packaging. Relative to foreign equipment, domestic equipment has the advantages of low price, convenient procurement, and ease of use of the operating system. The fully automatic straw baler is the most widely used. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, small movement inertia, low noise, smooth movement and flexible operation.

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