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Small straw hydraulic baler performance analysis
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/5/8

  The small straw hydraulic baler has been favored by customers because of its small size and convenient mobility. The small straw hydraulic baler has various properties and is mainly used for packaging of various recycling crops, waste paper boxes and other products. However, due to the wear and poor lubrication of the components in the use of straw hydraulic balers, parts may be damaged, which may increase the occurrence of faults and accidents. Therefore, it is very important to quickly find faults and eliminate faults.

     The function of the small straw hydraulic baler is to pack a number of packaged products so that they can be easily transported and transported in batches. The role and containers are almost the same. When containers were first introduced, many people did not. Not optimistic, thought it unnecessary, but today you can see the advantage of container packaging. People today have a new familiarity with the use of small straw hydraulic balers in the process of product transportation and handling. The uprightness of straw balers has also risen to a new height. The small straw hydraulic balers are developing rapidly in today's logistics industry. In the era, it has been widely used.

    The working environment of the small straw hydraulic baler needs to be placed in a stable environment. Try to avoid the high humidity, dust and other environments; whether it is still taking the items, you need to pay attention, daily need to bale the straw The machine is kept clean, can be clearly and regularly dirty, and the deposited foreign matter inside the machine also needs to be cleaned as scheduled; if you do not use the small straw hydraulic baler for a long time, you need to close the switch of the heating plate and the fuse, which can effectively Extended service life.

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