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The difference between semi-automatic waste paper baler and automatic waste paper baler
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/6/5

With the increase in the market demand for waste paper Baling Machines, waste paper Baling Machines are becoming more and more popular. Currently, semi-automatic waste paper Baling Machines on the market still have a certain market. What is the difference between semi-automatic waste paper Baling Machines and automatic waste paper Baling Machines? Waste paper balers are divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic according to the degree of automation. The difference lies in the process of binding bundles of iron wire. The process of tying iron wire is completed by mechanical or artificial.

When the switch button of the electric panel is directed to travel, the thrust generated by the hydraulic oil pump through the hydraulic oil promotes forward movement of the push plate, and an electromagnetic sensor is provided above the push plate to control the suspension of the push plate in reverse. When the push plate continues to move forward, if the sensor does not sense the push plate, it will be assumed that the push plate has now been pushed to the bottom and this is suspended. When the button points to retreat, the same controls are used. The general principle and the bidirectional switch are somewhat similar.

 The question of how much money a semi-automatic waste paper baler is is a concern for every customer. As for the manufacturers of specifications, equipment quotes will not rise very much. Nor will it win the market with ultra-low quotes, because the production of equipment requires a certain amount of capital, and the company needs a certain profit to operate. Now semi-automatic waste paper Baling Machines have dozens of different types, and the quotes will naturally vary depending on the type.

Semi-automatic waste paper Baling Machines are available in a variety of types and can be selected according to the detailed needs. The company's business model is: signing a purchase and sales contract for goods, after the down payment, the workshop will produce (inventory spot type is out of stock), and pay the full amount of the equipment on the day of delivery. One year free repair, lifetime warranty, wholesale price supply related accessories.as more information ,please visit :www.nkbaler.com 

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