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How can we ensure that the straw hydraulic baler works quickly?
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/7/11

Regardless of the working form of the straw hydraulic baler,it can be summarized as the strength of the straw hydraulic baler, the stability of the straw hydraulic baler is fast, and the stability of the work must be ensured to ensure uniform uniformity of the package.So what is the cause of the straw hydraulic baler can not work quickly?

1. The oil supply pressure of the straw hydraulic baler oil pump does not reach the flow demand. In order to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage time, it is necessary to strictly check and test before work.

2. If the overflow valve is deformed in the straw hydraulic baler, it will seriously affect the main spool plugging. The main spool is blocked at the small opening, which will easily cause some pressure oil from the bale pump to overflow back to the tank, making the baler The flow of medium oil into the actuator is greatly reduced, slowing down the rate of oil feed.

3, internal and external drainage are more serious, in the rapid work, it is easy to cause the oil pressure is too low, but much higher than the return oil circuit, when the piston seal of the baler cylinder is broken, the baler cylinder is easy on both sides The accident that caused the internal leakage was too large, which caused the rapid movement speed of the horizontal baler cylinder to be insufficient, and other parts were also prone to oil leakage.

4. The guide rail is lubricated and the oil is broken. The installation accuracy and assembly precision of the internal hydraulic cylinder of the straw hydraulic baler are a series of reasons, which tends to increase the frictional resistance when the baler works.

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