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What causes the automatic straw baler to work abnormally?
Source: http://www.nkbaler.com Author: admin Time 2018/7/11

Shaanxi Nick Machinery specializes in the production of straw balers. The parts of the automatic straw baler that cause excessive clearance due to wear and tear are repaired according to the repair process to ensure that the fit clearance is within the specified range. Parts that cannot be repaired should be replaced with new ones to ensure the performance of the hydraulic pump. When installing and debugging the hydraulic pump, the straw baler must carefully read the instruction manual and strictly implement the installation and commissioning process regulations. Confirm the suction and discharge ports of the pump, and always fill the pump with hydraulic oil before starting the hydraulic pump. The inlet and outlet ports of the hydraulic pump should be well sealed and must not leak or enter the air. If it is confirmed that there is no air ingress, the sealing part can be buttered to see if the noise of the pump is significantly reduced to determine whether there is air in the pump during operation.

    Poor contact in each part of the pump, it should be repaired in time. When the straw baler is equipped with a hydraulic pump, the cleaning and assembly process rules must be carried out. For example, the blades in the vane pump must not be reversed, and the movement should be flexible. After the blade is oiled, it can be automatically dropped into the rotor groove by its own weight. The processing of the parts inside the pump, storage and transportation must strictly implement the drawings and various process requirements. Before the assembly, the system must be strictly inspected. Unqualified parts cannot be loaded onto the pump. If the parts inside the pump are damaged, you cannot replace them with new ones that cannot be repaired. In particular, seals must be replaced with new ones if they are defective.

Other reasons for the abnormal pressure of the straw baler are:


1) The oil filter is clogged, the flow passage is too small, and the viscosity of the oil is too high, so that the oil is not sucked.

2) The system oil viscosity is too low and the leakage is serious. Excessive air is introduced into the oil and the pollution is severe.

3) The motor power is insufficient and the speed is too low. The pipeline is connected incorrectly.

4) The pressure gauge is damaged.

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