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Cow dung extrusion machine
The Cow dung extrusion machine can be widely used for the extrusion and dehydration treatment of cow dung sewage in large and medium-sized pastures. The moisture of the cow dung after dehydration by the salt-in-kay cow dung dehydrator is low and suitable for compost fermentation.
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Product Description

Machine introduction :

1.The cow dung filter press is mainly used for the compression and compression of cow dung, sheep dung, horse dung, pig dung and other animal dung. The cow dung after dehydration by the cow dung filter press has a lower moisture content and can be used as a cow Mattress material, bio-organic fertilizer, etc.

2.The separation speed of the cow dung filter press is fast, the moisture content of the separated manure residue is below 50%, and the residue content and water content can be adjusted. It can be applied to feeds of different ingredients (such as grass and concentrated feed). It is easy to transport and solid. Granules are very suitable for use as raw materials for organic fertilizers.


Machine characteristics

1 .cow dung filter press Simple structure, easy to use

2.High working efficiency, fast speed, stable action, low failure rate and easy to clean and maintain

3 .Low energy consumption, low noise, environmental protection and energy saving.

4. The water content after compression is less than 50%



Control system

Servo system control

Cylinder size




Capacity (T/H)


Diameter (MM)


Compress room size (MM)


Machine weight (KG)


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May I ask the cow dung filter press mainly used in those industries
1. Mainly used for animal dung, such as cow dung, horse dung, pig dung, chicken dung, etc., because the moisture content is relatively high, as high as 75%, after compression, the moisture is reduced, and the moisture content is below 50%, many of which can reach 40%.

What is the purpose of compressed animal feces
1. The compressed animal feces can be directly used as animal beds for cattle, sheep, horses, etc. to reduce the occurrence of diseases.
2. It can be used as agricultural organic fertilizer to deepen soil fertility and increase crop yield
3. For animal breeding, earthworms, fish and shrimps, etc.

What is the difference between this machine and the traditional machine
1. The cow dung filter press adopts hydraulic compression, low energy consumption, convenient recovery and easy to clean
2 The water content of traditional machines is too high
3 Adopt liquid separation, liquid discharge by itself, etc.
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