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Nick Machinery's animal fiber baler
Fiber baler, fiber hydraulic press, fiber compression baler,Fiber balers are mainly used to compress loose items such as fiber, brown silk, linen, foam, etc.Animal fiber is a kind of natural fiber, and its main component is protein. Silk, hair (block wool) and feathers are the more common animal fibers. They are widely used in the textile industry as filling materials, fabrics, clothing, etc.
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Product Description
Animal fiber is a kind of natural fiber, and its main component is protein. Silk, hair (block wool) and feathers are the more common animal fibers. They are widely used in the textile industry as filling materials, fabrics, clothing, etc.
Strong market demand promotes the rapid and efficient development of supply. How to efficiently supply has become the focus of the textile industry?
Because animal fibers are very fluffy and require cleanliness during transportation, the baler used to compress and pack animal fibers needs to have the function of wrapping the bales. Nick Machinery recommends NK070T100 series fiber baler to compress and bale animal fiber. The bales produced by this fiber baler can be conveniently wrapped and achieve "#" type baling. The wrapped block can effectively protect the material and prevent it from being worn and soiled during transportation. The machine uses double-cylinder balanced compression, special hydraulic system, and more stable power.

 Nick Machinery website has detailed specifications of the relevant baler, you can choose according to your needs, or you can contact us for more information about the waste recycling hydraulic baler.for more information ,you can visit us




Hydraulic power


120 Ton

Packaging sizeL*W*H


1000*700*500 mm

Feed opening sizeL*H



Chamber Size L*W*H






Bale weight


120-150 Kg

Voltagecan be customized






Machine sizeL*W*H





3200 Kg

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1. why use a baler?

In order to effiectively handle your recyclable waste or resources ,like waste paper ,used clothes ,rice husk ,

you need a baling machine to comrpess the waste materials into baler 

neat and tidy bales not only reduce your storage space ,its also reduce

your transportation cost because your can certainly load more cardboard bales into 

a container or truck as comprared to the loose ones.

2.Who use a baler?

shopping mails ,retails stores ,marine vessels ,need baling machine to 

helps them compact the waste such as cartons ,cardboards ,plastic ,films

so that they can be stored easily before selling to recycling plant ,

corrugating and printing company ,need baling to compact the waste paper

 trims ,recycling plants needs baling machine to compact into small bales for 

easy transportation and save cost .

3.Where to buy a suitable baler?

nkbaler is baling machine manufactures for more than 15 years with CE and nkbaler

can help you narrow down which hydraulic baling presses are idea to bales the waste materiaals 

you are handing as well as matching it to your expected output capacity ,

you can choose our standard models and we can also provide customized baling machine.

if not standard ,please tell us your require ,we will do a good design sulution for you .

4.How to choose a suitbale baler?

(1) type of materials you will be baling .

for example ,if you need a baling press to bale plastic ,

you should specify the exact type of plastic ,

ie PET bottle ? HDPE containers ,plastic bags ,plastic film

(2)bale size and output requirement ,say how many tons per days or per hour

(3) Voltage require ,like 380v ,440v ,480v .50hz or 60hz ,

this is all important .

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