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  • With the development trend and development of the times, the commodity circulation of goods has been accelerated. Be sure to do a good job in the protection of items during the whole process of item transportation. The packaging of items is generally done by straw baler. With the steady development of the straw baling machinery market, straw balers of different specifications are produced. Naturally, the prices of different types of straw balers are also different. Many people can understand that the straw balers that only look the same are just because If the business is different, there will be a lot of difference. What's the matter? Many people said they didn't understand it. What is the reason for the price of straw balers?
    In fact, the price of straw balers is different from many hazards in this respect. There are three key points, that is, product cost, brand, market supply and demand. The first product cost includes material cost, manpower, technology and other aspects. In other words, when the price of steel raw materials rises, it means that the cost of raw materials is rising. Manufacturing companies must develop a trend to have a new and upgraded straw baler position, which is also a rational element.

    Next is the brand. We know that brand dealers have more clothes and shoes than ordinary containers, but we still choose branded products, mainly brands that are more reliable. Similarly, the straw balers produced by small workshop manufacturers are not as expensive as those of large-brand manufacturers, even so or the brand straw balers are more secure. Straw balers are ultimately a hazard to the price of straw balers due to the relationship between market supply and demand. When the amount of straw balers produced in the market exceeds the market demand, the price will reduce market sales to ensure the operation of the company. On the contrary, it will rise. This is also very easy to understand.

    A good production attitude is the foundation of a company's development. For an excellent company, products are the foundation and ideas are the key.
  • The difference between a straw baler and a semi-automatic straw baler is the degree of automation, whether manual assistance is required, the working principle, and the structure.
    1. Safety performance
    1. After the equipment of the straw baler is installed, the grounding protection terminal in the electric control box must be connected to the grounding angle iron with a wire diameter of no less than 16 square millimeters (the grounding protection angle iron is installed by the customer), and the grounding protection is prohibited if it is not connected. When the equipment is running, regularly check whether the grounding protection wire is well connected.
    2. Fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment should be placed near the equipment of the semi-automatic straw baler, and the operator should master the use of the fire extinguisher; if there is an abnormal situation such as smoke on the site or equipment, use the fire-fighting equipment in time and call the fire alarm phone; when the equipment is running Children and unrelated persons are forbidden to be near the equipment to avoid accidents.
    2. Manual assistance
    1. The straw baler is fully automatic equipment.

    2. The semi-automatic straw baler requires manual assistance in some steps.

    NICKBALER has been actively developing new products with low cost and high production efficiency for customers for more than ten years.
  • The semi-automatic waste paper baler equipment constrains some waste materials to the shape of a cuboid or a cube for better transportation. As a relatively high-tech product in today’s society, many of our customers look at the appearance I think it is simple and easy to understand. In fact, its built-in structure is very complicated. If customers want to make it work for us better, they must understand the built-in semi-automatic waste paper baler.
    There are a variety of classification methods for semi-automatic waste paper balers, which are vertical and horizontal according to the direction of force. Use horizontal. According to the structure type, the hydraulic press has two-column, four-column, eight-column, welded structure and multi-layer steel belt winding structure, etc., and medium and small vertical hydraulic presses also use C-frame type. The C-frame hydraulic press is opened on three sides, which is easy to operate, but has poor rigidity.
    The welding structure hydraulic press used for stamping has good rigidity, which is opened back and forth, but closed left and right. In the vertical four-column casting hydraulic press with upper transmission, the oil cylinder is fixed in the upper beam, the plunger is rigidly connected with the movable beam, and the movable beam is guided by the column and moves up and down under the pressure of the working fluid.

    On the beam of the semi-automatic waste paper baler, there is a worktable that can move back and forth. The upper anvil and the lower anvil are respectively installed under the movable beam and on the work table. The working force is received by the structure composed of upper and lower beams and uprights. Large and medium hydraulic forging presses driven by pump-accumulators often use three working cylinders to obtain three-level working force. The working cylinder is also provided with a balance cylinder and a return cylinder that exert upward force. These are only planning the manufacturing principles of hydraulic presses. After thoroughly analyzing these structures, we can have a deeper understanding of hydraulic presses.

    NICKBALER has a mature after-sales service system and a 24-hour professional hotline service to quickly help you solve any difficult problems and solve your worries.
  • The recycling system uses scrap steel resources. The scrap iron shearing machine not only saves energy and reduces consumption, but also pays more attention to environmental protection. Increasing the utilization rate of scrap steel can reasonably deal with the difficulties of excessive scrap steel resources. It can be said to be very beneficial but not harmful.
    The development of scrap iron shearing machine industry in our country is not long, and it is still relatively moderate compared with western scrap iron shearing machine. In recent years, a series of current scrap iron shearing machine policies have been implemented for scrap iron shearing machines, such as the supply-side structure, the elimination of outdated production capacity and the complete banning of "floor steel" in accordance with the law, which has reasonably reduced the difficulties of overproduction. Among them, the severe crackdown on "ground strip steel" caused a surge in scrap steel resource storage, setting a standard for the continuous increase in the proportion of scrap steel used in China. Relevant departments have long established a phased overall goal. The scrap shearing machine will increase the scrap ratio of steelmaking furnaces from 11% in 2016 to 18%. According to the current situation, the scrap application ratio in China's electric furnace smelters is only 30% to 40%, and the other 60% are all molten steel. Increasing the scrap ratio of electric furnaces is the top priority.

    The scrap iron shearing machine is a commodity with higher applicability based on the basic surface of the scrap steel balers and the scrap iron shearing machine, which solves the large and medium-sized scrap steel that the balers and the scrap iron shearing machine cannot solve. For example: the very large steel frame structure scrap from the relocated industrial plant and the large and medium-sized scrap produced by the demolition of shipyards. The scrap iron shearing machine can easily reduce the relatively large-sized scrap steel, and then under the control of PIC, it is cut into sections by section, which is conducive to repackaging and transportation. It is the first choice of scrap iron shearing machine for enterprises that recycle large objects and scrap steel. Scrap shears have been produced in the UK for nearly 15 years, and they have long been a very complete product.

    Scrap steel is a resource that can be constantly recycled.
  • Many friends who want to buy a Baler machine always have this question, what kind of Baler machine should I buy? What brand should I buy? You can only rely on yourself? Or listen to a friend's suggestion? It is suitable for all kinds of customers who have problems in the process of purchasing a Baler. We summarize the following experience for your reference:
    First of all, you should not just listen to the introduction of the salesman. You need to choose whether it is an automatic learning model or a traditional manual model according to your specific development needs for packaging goods. If the packaging volume is small, you can choose some manual Yes, if you have a little more, you can directly choose to use the hydraulic baler if you have a hundred or eighty pieces. If there are more, it is not so recommended that you should choose a fully automatic one. Horizontal hydraulic baler installation does not require foot screws, and diesel engine can be used as power in places where there is no power supply. The waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. All models of waste paper baler are hydraulically driven, and manual or PLC automatic control operation can be selected.
    The second is to choose the manufacturer, choose the good reputation as the industry, and the quality is guaranteed. Choose models with mature technology and stable quality, faster and more stable packaging, low energy consumption, low manual work, and low scrap rate. Supplies packaging machines are machines. If you buy low-quality machines from the waste packaging tape accumulated in daily production in the future, it is definitely not a small number, especially now, the price of packaging materials. At present, the quality of domestically produced packaging machines has been greatly improved, especially the packaging machine series, the export proportion has been imported in large quantities, and the domestic price of packaging machines can buy the quality of imported machines. There is a Baler trusted by peers, this is word of mouth. If the quality of the machine is not good, more customers will not use it.
    The third part is what kind of supporting service products a manufacturer can provide you with. Sometimes, the quality of products matched with the manufacturer will minimize the damage to the national machinery, and when you choose, try to find the kind Simple operation, convenient maintenance and management, complete accessories, etc. For you, the company can reduce your unnecessary troubles to a large extent.

    Finally, the issue of after-sales service of the manufacturer cannot be ignored. Because as long as the machine inevitably fails, if the manufacturer can solve the problem for you in time, it can also save you from worries. It is recommended that you purchase packaging equipment such as packaging machines, and learn more about several manufacturers for comparison, with high selective prices, good reputation, quality assurance, and timely after-sales service.

    NICKBALER product design, production, installation, commissioning, and after-sales one-stop service.
  • Why choose a horizontal baler for waste paper packaging?
    In fact, everyone is not unfamiliar with the baler. Compared with the horizontal baler for waste paper packaging, everyone is more familiar with the vertical baler. In terms of manufacturing capacity and output in the 1960s and 1970s, the vertical baler has become the core machinery and equipment in the industry market.
    The horizontal baler plays a very key role in the baling process of waste paper, cotton batting, chemical fiber, wool lint and so on. With the rapid development of society, there are more and more requirements for packaging in various fields, and there are more and more regulations on the amount of packaging. Therefore, the horizontal balers are promoted by the sales market to promote the development trend, and at the same time, the horizontal balers also have a wide range of development opportunities. The function of the horizontal balers is far higher than that of the vertical balers. First, the horizontal baler has a relatively large production volume. Everyone's living standards have improved, and various commercial companies have increased.

    Online shopping has become an indispensable service platform for everyone to consume. The field of courier companies is becoming more and more critical, so everyone has an improvement in the consumers of printing paper and cartons. Daily social development and daily life will form a lot of discarded cardboard boxes. The initial vertical baler has long been unable to meet the volume requirements. Secondly, the economy of horizontal baler. With the increase in wages of workers, the labor cost required by the vertical baler is relatively high. Compared with the income created by it, it is not economical. The higher project investment economy of the horizontal baler determines its application range. This type of model consumes the same amount of labor but will create more use value. Profits are also more objective.

    Horizontal waste paper baler can be customized on different models according to customer's different needs.
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