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  • The installation and commissioning of the semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler is performed by the installer and electrical engineer respectively.
    The specific installation and debugging steps are as follows:
    1. The horizontal baler does not need foundation, and the hydraulic baler is placed on the flat ground to check whether the parts of the machine are loose or displaced during transportation.
    2. Connect the chain-type feeding conveyor of the automatic baler to ensure that the conveyor and the bale chassis inlet are perfectly connected, seamless and screwed.
    3. Pour the standard hydraulic oil delivered by the manufacturer into the hydraulic cylinder according to the instructions. Turn on the power of the baler main unit.
    4. Start the motor power supply of the waste paper baler main engine, and the hydraulic baler pushes the disk forward, backward, stop and other electronic control debugging.
    5. Start the motor power supply of the chain plate feeding conveyor, and automatically control the feeding of the feeding conveyor.
  • 1. In the system, the unloading circuit has a fault, or when the oil pump stops working, the unloading circuit cannot be unloaded because there is no oil unloading circuit. The total flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, and the overflow loss causes the oil to rise.
    2. when use the waste paper baler machine , Select the pump supply system with the pump capacity as a quantitative according to the forward speed. The remaining flow is overheated by the overflow valve under high pressure. The selection of hydraulic components for hydraulic systems is unreasonable. When the valve is selected, the system is too hot and the system is too hot due to the standard size being too small and the loss is too high, resulting in noise. When the pump flow rate is too large, the remaining oil overflows from the relief valve, causing heat.
    3. The component accuracy is not high and the equipment quality is poor. The contradiction between mechanical relative motion. The planning and construction of the hydraulic components of the system are unreasonable and the production quality is poor. When the oil passes through the valve, the pressure will disappear and the leak will be severe.
    4. The system piping is too thin and too long, the winding is too long, the partial pressure loss and pressure loss are too large along the path, and there are residual hydraulic circuits or hydraulic components in the hydraulic system.
    5, the part of the gap is too small, or the wear gap is too large, the internal and external leakage is too large, the volume loss is too large, such as pump power drop, heating and so on.
    6. The fuel tank is too small, the heat dissipation area is not good, there is no oil cooling equipment, or the cooling equipment, the capacity is too small.
    7. The viscosity of the selected oil is not suitable, the viscosity is large, the viscous resistance is large, and the viscosity increases when it is too small. In both cases, oil heating can be formed.
    8. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is adjusted higher than the actual demand. Since the seal is too tight, or the seal is damaged and leaks, adjust the high pressure to work.
  • Shaanxi Nick Brand full range of hydraulic waste paper balers are designed to compress all types of paper, cardboard and other contractual items. It is designed as a high-performance, integrated compression device with continuous processing.
    Any use outside of the above range is considered illegal. The manufacturer of the waste paper baler will not be liable for any damage caused, and the responsibility will be borne by the user. Follow the instructions for use, in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures for installation, disassembly, reorganization, start-up, operation and maintenance. Hydraulic waste paper balers can only be operated, serviced and repaired by specialists who are familiar with the operating procedures and are aware of the hazards.
    Relevant accident prevention regulations and any other recognized health and safety standards should be followed.
    If you want to use the equipment for work outside the scope of the contract, you must first ask the relevant technical department of Shaanxi Nick Factory, otherwise any guarantees and responsibilities of the manufacturer will be considered invalid.
  • We know that waste paper tubes are generally more difficult to handle, but after being crushed by Shaanxi Nickel Machinery-Cardboard & Paper Tube Breaking Machine, it takes only minutes to become a piece of broken paper, rather than a general block. At the same time, the whole waste paperboard, peeling paper, paper tube, etc. can also be crushed by the cardboard & paper tube crushing machine, and then transported to the paper gas separator through the shredded paper fan pipe and dropped into the baler.
    The back end of our hydraulic baler can be equipped with a block weighing system and can be connected to the whole plant production management system to truly realize the online production cost and waste paper volume.
    The dust-containing gas discharged from the paper gas separator can be connected to the dust collector, and the dust removal rate can reach over 97%. The upper row or cyclone separator can also be selected according to customer requirements, and a spray device is installed for simple dust removal treatment. This design has a great purification and improvement for the workshop environment, and avoids the danger of dust explosion, and the exhaust gas also meets the national environmental emission standards.
    The dust is dropped into the dust briquetting machine through a special explosion-proof discharge valve, compressed into a block-like object, which is convenient for stacking and transportation, and the workshop environment is very more information ,please visit 
  • Nowadays, waste paper balers have become the products of many people. They are constantly pursuing product quality, and they are also more and more practical and intelligent. Therefore, Nick Baler Company is also in the process of research and development. Pay special attention to this detail.
    First of all, the Nick Baler has a perfect hydraulic system to ensure that there is no system oil leakage during the working process. This is one of the reasons why many manufacturers have no solution at present. Secondly, the heat generated by the machine during the work leads to The machine has a high failure rate and high maintenance costs. However, the Nick Baler uses a unique cooling system, including oil-cooled equipment and water circulation equipment, so that the machine does not experience high temperatures. The above two technologies are problems that many manufacturers have no way to solve.
    Secondly, at the time of electric welding, the materials are sandblasted or pickled before welding, and all the welding areas are cleaned before welding. The main fillet welds are completed by automatic or semi-automatic welding to ensure sufficient penetration. The butt welding of the steel plates is submerged arc welding to ensure penetration. Welding defects such as slag inclusions, pores, and cracks do not occur in all welds.
  • As people's growing material and cultural needs and the flow of modern goods grow, more and more packaging is used in our daily lives. More and more, a lot of discarded packaging is produced, so the current and future development situation shows that the waste paper baler has a broad market space and industry development potential. At present, the state attaches great importance to projects such as environmental protection and resource recycling. As far as the recycling of waste paper products in China is concerned, it is still far from reaching the level of some developed countries. Therefore, there will be a lot of room for the waste paper purchase industry in the future. The state's investment in environmental protection is also growing, and the people's demands for the cleanliness of the atmosphere and water resources are becoming stronger and stronger. No one can allow the space in which they live to be covered by smog. We all hope that there will be a blue sky. I also hope that there will be a green river, and I hope that there is a fresh air that can breathe. All of this is inseparable from our environmental protection.
    The effective utilization rate of waste paper recycling and waste paper will be greatly enhanced in the future, and it is also the development opportunity of the waste paper packaging industry.
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