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  • Items in the process of installing the industrial waste baler hydraulic oil pump:
    1. The quality of the oil pump device has a very important impact on the smooth operation and service life of the pump. Therefore, the device proofreading operation is carried out carefully and should not be carried out rashly. The bracket or base of the hydraulic pump of the industrial garbage baler should be strong and strong, and the pump shaft of the hydraulic pump should be aligned with the motor.
    2. The position, length and pipe diameter of the suction pipe of the oil pump should reach the accounting value, and strive to be simple; and let the pump not exceed the NPSH during operation. The inner diameter of the suction pipe shall not be less than the rule requirements. The suction pipe shall not be too long. The bending of 90 degrees shall not be more than two. It is connected with the oil pump and is soft and short. The position of the pump is self-flowing to the suction port of the oil pump.
    3. The suction and discharge lines of the oil pump should have a bracket.
    4. The address of the pump should be spacious to facilitate maintenance.
    After the hydraulic oil pump device of the industrial garbage baler, the temperature and vibration condition of the bearing are checked during the test operation as follows: the coupling shaft is large, and the horizontal axis is placed on the pump shaft and the base of the electric oil pump. After adjusting the wedge pad, the proofing unit Horizontally, properly tighten the anchor bolts to avoid loosening. In order to prevent the impurities in the pipeline from entering the pump, the pipeline of the new device should be equipped with a filter, and the useful section should be 2 to 3 times larger than the section of the suction pipe.
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  • In the use of the waste paper baler, many problems will lead to the packaging of the baler is abnormal, then we need to pay attention to when using. In the control system of the waste paper baler, above the circuit board, open the control box cover, you can see an adjustment knob obviously, and the temperature adjustment in the clockwise direction increases, and vice versa. The temperature is too high or too low, the bonding effect is not good, so do not adjust too much at a time, generally adjust between the scale line 4-5. If the power supply voltage of the baler is not normal, we should adjust to 220V. Many factory voltages are often insufficient. If you use long cable wires, the voltage drop will cause the temperature of the soup head to become lower, and even if the motor is burned out when tightened, it will not be worth the loss.
  • In the current economic development process, a large amount of waste paper, waste plastics and other wastes appear in life, but unreasonable use will cause a ring.
    The pollution of the environment and the waste of resources, then how does the waste paper waste plastic in such a real life process be treated and recycled?
    First of all, in the waste paper recycling process, many people choose different papers according to different recycling methods, such as coated paper, newspapers, and book paper.
    second, after the recycling, the waste paper is sent to the paper mill, but there are many problems in the transportation process, the transportation cost is high, and the storage is not Convenient, so many people think of the waste paper baler, then I will introduce the main performance of the waste paper baler
    1. The waste paper baler is mainly used to compress the waste paper into a certain proportion and specifications to achieve the effect of reducing the volume. The normal size is 1100×1250×1700 The weight of the bag from the baler is 1300-1500kg, and the shaanxi Nick company can get this effect.
    2. In the choice of use, the waste paper baler will also appear very expensive, laborious situation, then this and your choice of baler model, canThe consumption is related, even the manufacturer has an association. The electricity cost of a normal NKW160Q model baler is 4-5 yuan. Many customers respond.
    There is a lot of electricity bills, how can we reduce this electricity bill, then shaanxi Nick company has been at the forefront of peers, only need 2-2.5,The electricity bill of a package can save an average of 100 yuan per day. Why is there so much power saving? This is the question of technology and technology.question
    3. In the process of using, the packaging machine has a slamming crash, then this time is the reason for the damage of the mechanical components in advance.
    It is also caused by unreasonable design, but the Shaanxi Nick company machine will not have such a phenomenon, and it will not produce this.The phenomenon of noise, this is the reason for saving electricity. For more, please pay attention to 
  • The installation and commissioning of the semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler is performed by the installer and electrical engineer respectively.
    The specific installation and debugging steps are as follows:
    1. The horizontal baler does not need foundation, and the hydraulic baler is placed on the flat ground to check whether the parts of the machine are loose or displaced during transportation.
    2. Connect the chain-type feeding conveyor of the automatic baler to ensure that the conveyor and the bale chassis inlet are perfectly connected, seamless and screwed.
    3. Pour the standard hydraulic oil delivered by the manufacturer into the hydraulic cylinder according to the instructions. Turn on the power of the baler main unit.
    4. Start the motor power supply of the waste paper baler main engine, and the hydraulic baler pushes the disk forward, backward, stop and other electronic control debugging.
    5. Start the motor power supply of the chain plate feeding conveyor, and automatically control the feeding of the feeding conveyor.
  • 1. In the system, the unloading circuit has a fault, or when the oil pump stops working, the unloading circuit cannot be unloaded because there is no oil unloading circuit. The total flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, and the overflow loss causes the oil to rise.
    2. when use the waste paper baler machine , Select the pump supply system with the pump capacity as a quantitative according to the forward speed. The remaining flow is overheated by the overflow valve under high pressure. The selection of hydraulic components for hydraulic systems is unreasonable. When the valve is selected, the system is too hot and the system is too hot due to the standard size being too small and the loss is too high, resulting in noise. When the pump flow rate is too large, the remaining oil overflows from the relief valve, causing heat.
    3. The component accuracy is not high and the equipment quality is poor. The contradiction between mechanical relative motion. The planning and construction of the hydraulic components of the system are unreasonable and the production quality is poor. When the oil passes through the valve, the pressure will disappear and the leak will be severe.
    4. The system piping is too thin and too long, the winding is too long, the partial pressure loss and pressure loss are too large along the path, and there are residual hydraulic circuits or hydraulic components in the hydraulic system.
    5, the part of the gap is too small, or the wear gap is too large, the internal and external leakage is too large, the volume loss is too large, such as pump power drop, heating and so on.
    6. The fuel tank is too small, the heat dissipation area is not good, there is no oil cooling equipment, or the cooling equipment, the capacity is too small.
    7. The viscosity of the selected oil is not suitable, the viscosity is large, the viscous resistance is large, and the viscosity increases when it is too small. In both cases, oil heating can be formed.
    8. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is adjusted higher than the actual demand. Since the seal is too tight, or the seal is damaged and leaks, adjust the high pressure to work.
  • Shaanxi Nick Brand full range of hydraulic waste paper balers are designed to compress all types of paper, cardboard and other contractual items. It is designed as a high-performance, integrated compression device with continuous processing.
    Any use outside of the above range is considered illegal. The manufacturer of the waste paper baler will not be liable for any damage caused, and the responsibility will be borne by the user. Follow the instructions for use, in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures for installation, disassembly, reorganization, start-up, operation and maintenance. Hydraulic waste paper balers can only be operated, serviced and repaired by specialists who are familiar with the operating procedures and are aware of the hazards.
    Relevant accident prevention regulations and any other recognized health and safety standards should be followed.
    If you want to use the equipment for work outside the scope of the contract, you must first ask the relevant technical department of Shaanxi Nick Factory, otherwise any guarantees and responsibilities of the manufacturer will be considered invalid.
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