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  • The design method of traditional hydraulic baler and system has been gradually established and perfected. The design of hydraulic baler and system has not been considered and implemented quantitatively from the perspective of reliability. In recent years, with the development of technology, the technology of hydraulic baler has been improved. Put forward higher requirements, improving the reliability of equipment and systems has become an urgent problem to be solved, because it is the key to improving the service life of equipment.
    As the main content of the reliability engineering of hydraulic baler, it is still immature and needs further development and improvement. It draws on the basic theories of reliability design and combines the specific characteristics of hydraulic technology with probability theory, mathematical statistics, fluid mechanics and cybernetics. Based on the comprehensive application of engineering mechanics, tribology, mechanical engineering and other knowledge, system engineering and operations research research discusses the reliability design of hydraulic baler and system.
    The service life of the hydraulic baler is determined by many aspects and requires in-depth study. For the reliability index of the hydraulic baler, except for a few occasions that require high reliability due to short working hours, the failure rate after reliability is used to express, For most civilian occasions, service life indicators are required.
    Life indicators include average life and median life. No matter what life is given, it is based on a large number of reliability test probability values. For mechanical products, this value is rarely given, and the service life is often assigned; the service life is a A fuzzy concept, it is related to the working state of the hydraulic baler. The equipment does not work 100% of the time under rated conditions, sometimes does not work at 50% and 20% of the rated load, and sometimes does not work in unloading conditions. On the one hand, the service life is longer than the average life obtained under rated conditions. It is also because the test workload of reliability probability index is too large.
    Foreign hydraulic baler manufacturers did not use this method for reliability testing, but based on sampling life test and host usage survey, and based on experience to give the corresponding service life value, how to evaluate the reliability index of hydraulic baler is also worthwhile Questions for further research.

    The hydraulic baler produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and reliable, welcome to buy. 86-29-86031588

  • Copper scrap Bagging Press machine is a kind of scrap metal recycling equipment, which can press various scrap copper, scrap copper, copper scraps, etc. into high-density cakes. The equipment produced and processed by Nick Machinery is a fully automatic hydraulic press equipment. In order to make your equipment better in operation and use, today Nick will introduce in detail the operation of its automatic Bagging Press technology and the important maintenance aspects of the equipment. ?
    First of all, let us talk about what needs to be paid attention to in the operation of the automatic Bagging Press technology of the copper chip Bagging Press machine:
    1. When the equipment is working, the operator must pay attention, pay attention to whether the colleagues are in a safe position, coordinate the operation, and strictly prevent misoperation; check whether the oil level of the fuel tank is in the normal position before starting. If it is not displayed, please refuel at the designated position of the level gauge to ensure that 60%-80% of the fuel tank can start the motor and engine.
    2. Press the start button of the copper chip Bagging Press machine, run the indicator light, and listen to whether the sound of the oil pump is abnormal. If there is any abnormality, please stop the inspection immediately.
    3. Turn the switch to the manual operation control position, and operate the master cylinder without feeding the empty machine to observe whether it is working properly, whether the pressure gauge is normal, and whether the pipes and joints are leaking.
    4. After determining the normal position of each component, convert it to automatic operation, and constantly observe the operation of each component during the operation. The automatic cake pressing technology of the copper chip Bagging Press machine can be directly used in the furnace. The cast iron grade can reach HT200-250, and the cost of each ton of castings can be saved by about 700 yuan. In the event of stagnation, oil leakage, etc., it should be shut down immediately and inspected and maintained by experienced maintenance personnel.
    After understanding the copper chip Bagging Press machine under automatic technical operation, let's talk about the important maintenance details of the equipment.
    1. Before the copper chip Bagging Press machine is going to be maintained, the power supply should be cut off first, and others are not allowed to start the equipment without permission. (This is also important and necessary) and then operate in strict accordance with the regulations to avoid damage to the equipment.
    2. The equipment should be kept clean, and some parts of it should be treated with rust prevention. In addition, the lubricating oil used in the copper chip Bagging Press machine should be replaced regularly to ensure the quality of the oil.
    3. For some parts, check regularly, including the handles and buttons in the Bagging Press equipment. If they are severely worn, they should be replaced immediately.
    4. Pay attention to the temperature of the oil during the work of the copper chip Bagging Press machine. It should be below 55°C. When the oil temperature exceeds 58°C, the machine must be shut down. The pressure of the cooling water should not exceed 0.5MPa, otherwise the cooling system equipment will be damaged.

    The above is the operation and maintenance of the copper Bagging Press machine shared by Nick Machinery. If you want to know more, please pay attention to

  • 1. The hydraulic system realizes no-load start: After pressing the start button, the hydraulic pump starts. At this time, the electromagnets of all solenoid valves are in a power-off state, and the oil of the hydraulic pump flows back to the tank through the three-position five-way solenoid valve.  
    2. The realization of fast forward adopts a pressure-limiting variable hydraulic pump and a differential linkage of a hydraulic cylinder, this way can obtain a faster forward speed, and the energy utilization is more reasonable.  
    3. Fashionable appearance, fine workmanship, four strapping slots, three breadboards, one-sided feeding, easy to operate   
    4. Using electrical control elements, it is easy to operate, durable, can be used without debugging, manual bundling, automatic turning over.  
    5. Rigid pressure plate structure, convenient to recycle a variety of waste materials, fast compaction, low noise, high efficiency; when working in a non-pressure stroke, the pressure plate automatically returns to no-load to avoid high oil pressure and reduce power.

    The Nick brand can Baling Press has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and can also pack a beautiful packaging shape for you.

  • The metal shredding equipment uses the kinetic energy generated by the rotation of the gear to shred scrap steel. In this process, the scrap steel can be shredded, and then under the action of the magnetic separation equipment, pure crushed steel with a certain size specification can be obtained. It has a particularly obvious effect on the treatment of unsorted and mixed low-quality steel scrap and scrapped cars, and it is the most realistic tool for improving the quality of scrap steel.
    Scrap steel has been recognized as an ideal raw material for steelmaking, and scrap steel processing machinery is an indispensable equipment for steel mills to provide qualified scrap steel raw materials. The composition of social recycling of scrap steel is complex, and there are many mixed materials such as non-ferrous metals, non-metals and garbage. At present, equipment such as balers and shears generally used in our country cannot meet the requirements of steel mills for "fine materials entering the furnace" because they are not equipped with sorting and purification devices. The metal shredder is an internationally recognized ideal equipment for processing fine scrap steel. For my country to become a powerhouse of steel, the widespread use of metal shredding equipment is an inevitable trend.
    The reuse of scrap steel also promotes the rapid development of industries related to resource recycling. The equipment necessary for processing scrap involves shears, metal balers, metal shredding equipment, and supporting magnetic separation, non-ferrous metal separation and other series of equipment . Metal shredding equipment is today's advanced scrap iron and steel processing equipment. The effective recycling and utilization of scrap metal resources can greatly reduce the mining and consumption of natural mineral resources, and achieve the purpose of reducing land occupation, reducing social energy consumption, saving investment, protecting the ecological environment, and improving labor and production efficiency. Especially where natural mineral resources are extremely consumed and increasingly scarce, scrap metal resources are in the world economy. The position in the sustainable development strategy has become more prominent.
    Now everyone has to shop around for things, not to mention large mechanical equipment such as metal shredders, then shop around. When you look at which equipment, you can go to the other side’s production plant as much as possible. Take a look, if you can try the machine, it’s the best. You can also go to the relevant production company to see the equipment usage. All of these can prevent you from stepping on the pit.

    The double-shaft crusher and metal baler produced by Nick Machinery provide equipment guarantee for the recycling and utilization of scrap steel. For more information, please refer to Nick Machinery's website

  • There are horizontal and vertical balers, but in recent years, horizontal waste paper balers have become more and more popular, because the range of balers has been expanded from time to time. It can be seen from the development of the baler that in recent years, the demand for baler has clearly increased, and it has been well demonstrated in the waste recycling station, cotton textile industry, waste clothing recycling station and other industries. Such horizontal waste paper baler It can be displayed well, and the product has a good display, then the purpose of the horizontal waste paper baler has been achieved!
    Horizontal waste paper baler is now the mainstream equipment used in waste paper baler stations, which can meet the packaging of more than ten tons of paper every day. Can prepare for future scale expansion. The vertical waste paper baler is a small-scale baler or the equipment selected in the case of insufficient initial funds, but if it is predicted that there will be a large amount of waste paper recycling in the short term, it is a wise choice to choose a horizontal baler. In addition, the vertical balers can be used to pack the waste produced by the production of wool, shredded skins, and cloth strips. It is a product for personal use. Horizontal waste paper baler is divided into continuous bale out series and door series, both of which have application occasions and advantages, and choose according to actual production. For raw materials such as yellow cardboard, air-conditioned cartons, etc., you can choose a conventional horizontal waste paper baler, and for raw materials with paper edges, you can choose a small horizontal baler.

    NKBALER is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic machinery and equipment. It produces a wide range of balers with multiple functions and styles, allowing you to buy them all in one place

  • 1. The machine is not working, but the pump is still running
    2. The direction of rotation of the motor is reversed. Check the direction of rotation of the motor;
    3. The voltage of the motor is too low to operate normally under the existing load, check the voltage;
    4. Check if there is any hose leakage or being pinched in the hydraulic pipeline;
    5. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is sufficient (the liquid level should be above 1/2 of the tank volume);
    6. The suction filter of the fuel tank or the vent cap on the top may be clogged;
    7. Check whether the suction pipeline device is loose, whether there are capillary cracks in the suction port of the pump, the suction pipeline should always have oil and no bubbles;

    The above are the common faults of the can Baler organized by Nick Machinery for everyone. Is it helpful to you? If you encounter other problems during use, please contact our staff at 86-29-86031588, and we will serve you wholeheartedly

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