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  • The hydraulic baler will gradually lose its original performance during use or idling. This phenomenon is called equipment aging.
    The equipment deterioration of hydraulic baler can be divided into service deterioration, natural deterioration and catastrophic deterioration.
    Deterioration in use means that due to the adhesion of raw materials and dust pollution, the hydraulic baler equipment is worn, impacted, fatigued, damaged and deformed, causing the equipment to appear original performance.
    The deterioration of hydraulic baler equipment can also be divided into absolute deterioration and relative deterioration.
    Absolute degradation refers to the aging of equipment, that is, as time goes by, the equipment gradually wears out and gradually ages until it is scrapped.
    Relative deterioration refers to the phenomenon that the original hydraulic baler is low in performance and poor in quality compared with the new equipment, and looks outdated.

    The compensation method for equipment damage is through maintenance during use. Due to the uneven service life of equipment parts, it is of great economic significance to use maintenance methods to compensate for local defects.

    The emergence of hydraulic balers can meet the demand for energy conservation and can provide more efficient resource services for the operation of the waste recycling industry.
  • At present, although some achievements have been made in the research of garbage compressibility and garbage baler, there are still some areas that have not been studied in depth, and there are many shortcomings for urban domestic garbage baler.
    The research and development of domestic waste baler can greatly reduce waste disposal costs and improve economic efficiency, but it also faces many problems and challenges.
    Driven by the continuous development of the market economy, the market is gradually changing from seller to buyer, so companies can only continuously design and develop new products, and improve product performance according to different customer requirements.
    As far as the traditional design method of compression and Baler mechanism is concerned, there are many problems such as unreasonable design parameters and low product performance. There are also few in-depth research and analysis on the domestic waste baler. Therefore, the urban domestic waste Handling and transportation have also been greatly affected.

    Therefore, we need to develop a household waste Baler with reasonable structure, high reliability, and good environmental performance suitable for market conditions, which is the research trend.

    The NICKBALER domestic waste baler has the characteristics of stable power, simple operation, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance.
  • With the development of the times, all walks of life have more and more requirements for packaging, and there are more requirements for packaging volume.
    Therefore, the horizontal waste paper baler is being promoted by the market. At the same time, the horizontal waste paper baler also has a broad development opportunity.
    The performance of the horizontal hydraulic baler equipment is much higher than that of the vertical hydraulic baler. The horizontal baler has a large output and a high recovery rate.
    The use of horizontal hydraulic baler can greatly reduce the volume of items, increase density, and facilitate transportation and storage. It is a powerful helper for comprehensive utilization and development of material energy.
    The horizontal hydraulic baler has simple structure and automatic operation, which can improve the efficiency of Baler and save the labor cost of Baler.

    Work efficiency is an important factor of hydraulic baler. Different types of balers, unequal output, and different standards directly determine the labor output power of the baler.

    NICKBALER automatic horizontal hydraulic baler equipment has high technical content, stable equipment performance and guaranteed quality.
  • It is true that many semi-automatic baler equipment has been eliminated in the packaging field, but in fact it is not the case. In this era, in order to gain recognition in the market, semi-automatic baler also has unique advantages.
    Compared with the fully automatic baler, the efficiency of the semi-automatic baler is indeed lower than that of the fully automatic baler, but semi-automatic also has the advantages of semi-automatic.
    Like some small and medium-sized enterprises, they like to use semi-automatic baler because it will bring high efficiency to the enterprise.
    The semi-automatic baler is low in price, simple to operate, and convenient to maintain, especially for manufacturers with low packaging requirements. Manufacturers with a small number of packaging have natural advantages. The design of the semi-automatic baler is based on the design of customers with low packaging requirements.

    Therefore, we believe that semi-automatic packaging equipment will not be eliminated, because the market needs such a device, and the majority of manufacturers with weak packaging needs are still using a large number of such semi-automatic equipment.

    NICKBALER semi-automatic closed baler is easy to operate, has low failure rate, and is convenient and simple to maintain; the closed structure makes the Baler tighter.
  • The waste paper baler has the characteristics of simple structure, energy saving, flexible work, beautiful appearance, and good packaging effect, so how much does it cost to buy a waste paper baler?
    The definition of the price of waste paper baler is related to its internal factors such as material, craft, quality, performance, configuration, and quality. At the same time, it is also affected by market changes, purchase methods, consumption levels and other factors. The price on the market is divided into high and low. , Let’s analyze the reasons for the price difference of waste paper baler.
    1. Essential factors: The higher the quality of the equipment material, the more reliable the quality. These essential conditions are improved, the cost of expenditure is higher, the market price will naturally be higher, and the work efficiency is objective.
    2. External conditions: external factors such as equipment manufacturers, economic changes, manufacturers' sales methods, purchase methods, and geographical selection will also affect their prices.

    Therefore, when customers purchase equipment, a number of comprehensive comparisons, careful selection, and as far as possible to buy durable and low-priced carton Balers.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler has the characteristics of high work efficiency, simple operation and convenient
  • The straw baler can be used for the recovery and compression of crop stalks such as wheat straw, rice husks, peanut shells, corn cobs, etc., and is often used in crop recycling centers and large garbage disposal sites.
    Matters needing attention when using straw baler:
    1. The operator can use this machine only after rigorous training and qualification.
    2. When the ambient temperature is less than 2°C, the straw baler is not allowed to be used.
    3. Straw balers are not allowed to be used when the moisture content of straw and forage grass is greater than 65%.
    4. When using the motor as power, it is necessary to install a grounding wire.

    5. It is necessary to clean up the small silt under the straw baler in time. If there are too many scraps, clean up every 20 bales, otherwise the machine parts will be severely damaged.

    The NICKBALER straw baler has excellent workmanship and strong technology. It is an excellent choice for your baler equipment manufacturer.
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