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  • Steps
    1. Manually operate the hopper lever in the up position, and the hopper rises to pour the raw materials into the extrusion box.
    2. Manually operate the one-cylinder forward and backward rod in the forward position to push the raw materials sideways in the extrusion box
    3. Manually operate the hopper lever in the falling position, put the hopper down and reload
    4 Manually operate the two-cylinder lifting rod in the downward pressing position to longitudinally squeeze the raw materials in the squeeze box.
    5. Manually operate the three-cylinder advance and retreat rod to be in the advance position, and push the forage block extruded in the box into the bag.
    6. Manually operate the three-cylinder advance and retreat rod in the retracted position to retract the three-cylinder.
    7. Manually operate the second-cylinder lifting rod in the raised position to raise the second-cylinder
    8. Manually operate the forward and backward rod of cylinder one in the retreat position to retract cylinder one.
    9. Re-operate manually to carry out circular packaging.
    The whole straw baling is completed through the cooperation of the travel switch and the hydraulic cylinder, and only needs to connect the bag, cover the bag, and tie the mouth manually. The equipment is divided into collection box, compression box, discharge port, main pressure head, side pressure head, push pack pressure head, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, electrical appliances and other components. The collection box of the equipment can continuously supply materials, which increases the working efficiency of the equipment. The collection box of the equipment can observe the amount of material to prevent material blocking.

    The straw bagging machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive. Only by making users and friends more satisfied can we have a better market.

  • Traditional cellar storage defects:
    1. Complicated production of silage: timely harvesting; quick spreading of materials and cellaring; covering with grass and sealing soil;
    2. Special equipment is required for feeding, and the equipment requirements are high;
    3. The surface layer rots and the secondary oxidation of feeding causes waste.
    Product advantages of silage baler
    1. No more digging silos
    2. Long preservation time (natural preservation for up to 3 years)
    3. Low packaging cost
    4. Labor saving (a full set of equipment only needs 2-3 people to work)
    5. Space saving and convenient transportation of feed
    6. Worry-free, simple equipment operation (automatic control)
    7. Various special-shaped machines can be customized according to customer requirements
    High-density wrapping technology:
    Wrapped silage is a method of using mechanical equipment to complete straw or fodder silage. Wrapped silage technology refers to the high-density compaction and bundling of forages after harvesting with a baler, sales of silage machines, and then wrapping with stretch film through the baler to create an anaerobic fermentation environment. 11 Finally, the lactic acid fermentation process is completed. This kind of silage method has been widely recognized and used by European countries, the United States, Japan and other developed countries in the world, and some areas of our country have also begun to try this kind of silage method.
    The silage baler adopts thickened wall panels, thickened aluminum rollers and mandrels. It has good rigidity, long service life of the main parts, stable performance, convenient maintenance of the machine and high efficiency; the bottom cleaning is convenient and quick It can be operated without stopping, and the machine is protected in time. Pack the fresh straws and round bales of fresh grass that have been packaged by the baler. This kind of silage method is currently a good silage method with a long storage period, which can be stored for about 2 years.

    The silage baler produced by Nick Machinery has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency and convenient transportation. It is a good helper for your production.

  • Straw baler is a relatively common agricultural machinery and a mechanical product with a high degree of application. The main function of the straw baler we use is to help us solve manual problems and help us solve and liberate labor productivity. Let our employees get rid of heavy work, so that we can have time to do other things, most of the time without repetitive mechanical work.
    When we generally use the straw balers, we usually need to check the working status of the straw balers, and check whether the oil rods are within the range we allow and cannot exceed the range. After using for more than 5 hours, we should choose to change the oil. Usually it will be changed twice. Now we use it for 5 hours and change it once. When we use it for 10 hours, we will also change it twice to ensure that the package can be used normally. In the future, when we implement the straw baler, we can change the oil regularly according to the requirements of the machine manual.
    One thing we need to pay attention to is that when we change the oil to a straw baler, it can't be when the engine just stops working. At that time, the machine was very hot, which could easily cause damage to the engine.

    Here, Nick Machinery reminds you that you must strictly follow the instructions and do not ignore some small details to ensure safe and effective production. If you have other questions, please pay attention to the Nick website

  • With the rapid development of technology, many products around us have faster and faster update speeds. People have a mentality of liking the new and disgusting the old. When new mobile phones appear, they want to change their mobile phones (of course, it is not All, but there are not many people like this) What should I do with discarded mobile phones, computers and other items? Accumulation will cause pollution, and the useful ingredients contained in it will also be wasted.
    As a result, the recycling e-waste industry has emerged, what about the recycled e-waste? There are circuit board recycling equipment and lithium battery recycling equipment, which will recover effective resources, make better use of resources, and protect the environment while taking into account the sustainable development of resources. For large metal scraps, we have metal shears, metal balers, shredders, etc., which are convenient for transportation and storage.
    Similarly, the replaced car tires, bicycle tires and other rubber tires will also be recycled, and there is a tire recycling series of equipment. The recovered rubber is reused.
    With the rapid development of the express industry, anti-collision foam panels are also widely used, but it is difficult to handle, has a certain floor area, is light, and is easy to float. It is useful when transporting objects, but once it is no longer needed It, its handling has become a problem again, so there is a foam baler.
    There is also the rapid development of the packaging industry. Packaging materials such as waste cartons, waste paper, and corrugated paper are recycled by waste paper recycling stations, but they occupy a large area and are inconvenient to transport, so waste paper balers are available.
    Most of the above are waste recycling industries, then let’s talk about other industries:
    For orchard operations, the fruit trees in the orchard must be cut and pruned, and the old and dead trees need to be cut down. These treatments are actually very simple. The wood shredder can process wood on the spot, avoid waste, and also generate income. What about the crushed wood material? We have a sawdust Bagging Press machine, which can be used as a new energy source for burning, and it can also be used as an animal sleeping pad.
    The last one is a farmer. In addition to the joy of harvesting during the grain harvest season, they also need to worry about straw handling. Especially nowadays, it is forbidden to burn straw in rural areas. The original method of raising land by burning straw is no longer applicable. Therefore, we have a straw baler and a straw Bagging Press machine. Its raw materials are all crop by-products such as straw, peanut shells, and corn cobs. Largely solved the floor area.

    If you have the above needs, please come to visit Nick Machinery. Whether you want to start a business or want to learn more about these machinery and equipment, I believe our company will be a good choice. Nick Machinery is looking forward to your arrival.

  • The hydraulic cylinder is an indispensable existence in the working process of the waste paper baler, so the hydraulic cylinder is a very important part of the metal Bagging Press machine. Here is a brief introduction to the selection of hydraulic cylinders for waste paper balers.
    When selecting hydraulic cylinders for paper balers, the following issues should be paid attention to: Choose a reasonable construction method (piston type, plunger type, etc.). The reasonable construction method is to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder can meet the necessary conditions for the normal operation of the hydraulic system, and is selected based on the basis of the same type of waste paper baler. Consider the standardization and serialization of hydraulic cylinders. The only parameters of the hydraulic cylinder should be as far as possible to choose the standard value, the detailed structure should be designed according to the recommended structure in the hydraulic engineering manual, and some accessories should be selected from the standard. For cylinders with long piston rods, try to make them receive the greatest load under tension. When it is under pressure, the stability check should be stopped to prevent the piston rod from being destabilized under pressure. Reliable and reasonable sealing and dustproof installation. Sealing and dust-proof installation should consider not only its reliability, but also friction and life. The hydraulic cylinders with higher requirements must be installed with buffering and exhaust. Think about the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.

    Based on years of experience, Nick Machinery considers the above issues when selecting and using the hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler. Only in this way can the baler work better. Welcome everyone to come to consult.

  • Advantages of metal baler series:

    The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, compact structure, convenient removal, simple operation, easy maintenance, reliable sealing, and no foot screws during installation. Without adding any binder, it is pressed into a high-density cylindrical cake (weight 2-8 kg), the cake density can reach more than 5T/M3 (the raw material is different, the density of the pressed cake is not the same as the weight) , The pressed cake can be directly used in the furnace, and the grade of cast iron can reach HT200-250, and the cost of each ton of casting can be saved about 700 yuan. Users can customize the packing specifications and sizes according to their needs to maximize the cooperation with transportation or storage. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. It is widely used in steel mills, recycling and processing industries and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries. It can squeeze all kinds of metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, etc. into qualified charge of various shapes, reducing transportation Smelting costs.

    NKBALER metai baler adopts hydraulic transmission, compact structure, convenient removal, simple operation, easy maintenance, reliable sealing, and no foot screws during installation

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