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  • Regarding the serious temperature rise of the oil tank of the hydraulic baler, what advice does Nick Machinery have?
    Nick brand hydraulic baler is safe and reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, easy to use, simple maintenance and operation, it is your best choice.
    Facing the serious temperature rise of the oil tank of the hydraulic baler, what can we do? What advice does Nick Machinery have on this?
    1. Optimize the design of fuel tank structure. In view of the heat dissipation problem of the fuel tank, the surface area of ??the fuel tank is increased without changing the storage volume of the crude oil tank. At the same time, a protective cover is added to the upper part of the fuel tank, which can not only prevent the direct exposure of the fuel tank to the hot sun, but also reduce the hot sun to the hydraulic valve on the fuel tank surface Group damage

    2. The oil pump of the pump station is installed externally. Optimize the design of the original pump station system structure. The hydraulic pump originally built in the oil tank is placed outside and placed at the bottom of the oil tank. After optimization, the pump does not need to forcibly suck oil, but uses the gravity of the oil to flow into the oil pump, while the high pressure oil and the oil pump spill oil All are sent to the control valve plate and the oil tank through the high-pressure hose;

    3. Reasonably configure the oil filter to improve the filter accuracy of the filter. First, improve the filtering capacity of the filter, so that the oil filter has stronger anti-pollution ability, less oil filter clogging, and better oil filtering effect.
    The high-end technology of Nick Machinery makes the hydraulic baler more suitable for the development of the times, solves the serious temperature rise of the fuel tank, and provides you with better services.
    For more information about hydraulic baler models and detailed configuration requirements, please log on to the Nick Machinery website, Tel: 86-29-86031588, best-selling models: NKW160Q, NKW200Q, and support custom-made models of balers, welcome Your arrival.

  • Long-term operation of the hydraulic waste plastic baler can avoid hydraulic cylinder failure. The hydraulic cylinder of the waste plastic baler is a linear motion actuator whose output force is proportional to the effective area of ?the piston and the pressure difference between both sides. Its function is to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.

    When there is a problem with the hydraulic cylinder of the waste plastic baler and it needs to be replaced, what are the precautions?

    1. The hydraulic cylinder of the waste plastic baler must be depressurized to the hydraulic circuit before disassembly. Otherwise, when the oil pipe connected to the hydraulic cylinder is removed, the pressurized hydraulic oil in the circuit will spray out along the connecting oil pipe at high speed, and there is a danger of injury.

    2. The hydraulic cylinder of the waste plastic baler is the power executive element in the hydraulic system. Therefore, before disassembling the hydraulic cylinder from the equipment, be sure to support its connecting parts with suitable supports to avoid injury or damage to the equipment.
    3. When disassembling the hydraulic cylinder, you should understand the main structure of the hydraulic cylinder and avoid blind disassembly.
    4. Before disassembling the hydraulic cylinder, release the hydraulic oil in the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder, then remove the end cover, and then withdraw the piston rod and piston for removal.
    5. During disassembly, prevent damage to the top thread of the piston rod, the thread of the oil port, the surface of the piston rod, and the inner wall of the cylinder liner.
    6. The disassembled parts and seals should be carefully checked for damage or aging, and decide whether to replace them.

    7. When disassembling the hydraulic cylinder, pay attention to whether there is a hydraulic lock on the cylinder. If so, the hydraulic lock should be removed first, otherwise there will be pressure from the hydraulic lock in the hydraulic cylinder, which will not only cause difficulty in disassembly, but also cause equipment And personal injury.

    Therefore, we must pay attention to the above seven situations when disassembling the hydraulic cylinder of the waste plastic baler to avoid danger and prevent damage to the cylinder. If you really don't, you can contact us Nick Machinery, we have professional maintenance personnel who can help you solve the problem.
    Company website:, Tel: 86-29-86031588, welcome your visit.

  • The increase in consumption has also led to the emergence of waste plastics, causing serious environmental and resource problems. Based on 36% of waste plastic productivity, my country's annual output of waste plastics is more than 16 million tons. If it is not recycled, it will inevitably cause serious environmental pollution and a great waste of resources.
    There are currently three main ways to recycle waste plastics: incineration to recover heat energy, chemical recycling, and material pelletizing and recycling. Today, we will mainly introduce waste plastic incineration and recovery heat energy.

    The method of incineration of plastics to recover heat energy has the advantages of large processing volume, low cost, and high efficiency. The disadvantage is that a large amount of toxic and harmful gases are produced. If these toxic and harmful gases are further processed, the follow-up process is very long and the overall economic cost is high. . If it is not treated, although the "white pollution" of plastic is eliminated, new pollution is generated, and environmental protection laws and regulations are not allowed.

    In foreign countries, waste plastics have been used in blast furnaces and achieved good results.
    There is no introduction of incineration and recovery of heat energy in China, and this method is suitable and reasonable for dirty and severely aging waste plastics. Whether it is suitable and reasonable for cleaner and less aging waste plastics remains to be explored, but it causes a certain waste of resources. Yes yes.
    Nick Machinery’s NKW60Q waste plastic horizontal baler is suitable for the compression of waste plastics, waste cardboard and other loose materials. The compressed waste plastics can be stored well and occupy a small area. It is a high-quality equipment for waste plastic recycling. Welcome customers to consult . 86-29-86031588,
  • Green storage baler uses: wood chips, wood chips, shavings, alfalfa, pasture, wheat straw, crop stalks, corn stalks that are rubbed or crushed, and peanut seedlings are compressed and packed.
    Green feed baler application natural environment: the straw baler operator can use this equipment after passing the rigorous learning and training.
    When the operating temperature is lower than 2 degrees Celsius above zero, the device is not allowed to be used.
    When the moisture content of straw and green fodder exceeds 65%, this equipment is not allowed.
    When the straw coating machine uses a motor as the driving force, a wire connector must be installed.

    Immediately remove the silt and rope on the bevel gear directly under the turret. Otherwise, the equipment parts will be destroyed.

    When the moisture content of the forage grass is between 60% and 65%, the net weight of the bale must not exceed 65kg, otherwise the equipment parts will be destroyed.
    During the application or storage period of the straw baler, it must be moisture-proof, waterproof, rain-proof and rust-proof.
    The above points are the precautions compiled by Nick Machinery based on some sales feedback from customers. If you don't know anything, you can contact us at any time. 86-29-86031588,
  • The horizontal chaff balers are a very mature product among Nick Machinery’s horizontal balers. We have already produced

    For nearly 10 years, it has supplied more than 500 customers for compressing various loose materials. For example: alfalfa, rice husk, wood shavings, crushed corn stalks, domestic garbage, waste paper, broken cardboard, waste clothes, textile fibers, cotton scraps, etc.

    Nick Machinery’s horizontal chaff baler is equipped with brand hydraulic and electrical accessories. The compression cavity is processed by a milling machine to ensure confidentiality of the compression. The equipment is equipped with a conveyor for feeding, which must be continuously fed to ensure that the hopper is full and stick to one push. The design concept is that no completed bales will be obtained. In the case of insufficient rice husks, complete bales will not be produced. The number of compressions can be adjusted according to the quantity of materials to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.
    Nick Machinery has been specialized in waste paper balers for many years and has won the recognition of users with excellent service. We will insist on serving the society, serving the majority of users, and serving customers all the time. 86-29-86031588,
  • NKB220 sawdust bagging machine, also known as wood shaving bagging machine, is a relatively mature product of Nick Machinery's horizontal baler. Nowadays, many customers buy this equipment to compress wood shavings as a bedding for horse racing, chickens and ducks.

    The automatic sawdust Baler machine is a Baler machine that needs to be bagged. It is a very cost-effective chip Baler machine. In addition to Baler rice husks, it can also pack various soft materials such as wood shavings, rice husks, cottonseed husks, etc. This sawdust Baler machine At present, it has achieved a good reputation in the Chinese market.

    The NKB220 sawdust Baler machine is equipped with high-quality equipment components to ensure the stable application and long life of the product.

    The Baler process of the NKB220 sawdust Baler machine: the material is sent to the hopper through the conveyor — the material enters the compression chamber through the hopper — the plastic bag is put on the material — the material in the compression chamber is extruded and formed — the material is compressed by the side cylinder The compressed material is pushed into the plastic bag as a whole.
    If you have any questions during your use, you can always contact our after-sales service, 86-29-86031588,
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